Black Dada ft. Rick Ross & Birdman – Imma Zoe (Remix)


Black Dada ft. Rick Ross & Birdman – Imma Zoe (Remix)

Mr. X via P Smirf.

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6 Responses to “Black Dada ft. Rick Ross & Birdman – Imma Zoe (Remix)”

  1. The Future Says:

    Rick Ross and Birdman sittin in a tree…

  2. jay Says:

    Are these two bammas calling eachother?!

  3. MUSIC | Black Dada featuring Rick Ross & Birdman - I’ma Zoe (Remix) Says:

    […] The original has tore up airwaves all over the south and the nation. Now, here’s the remix featuring Ricky and Birdman. Download & listen below. Shouts to Nah Right. […]

  4. LilWayneHQ Says:

    LOL ^

  5. Why ask me??? Says:

    yes yes there are callin each other

  6. lea Says:

    why does birdman wear his clothes like the mexican gangsters? with the shirt tucked in the boxers and pants saggin that much at 40 years old……GTFOH! shouldnt you only have Zoes on the remix? Ross is a Zoe when it benefits him, Birdman….not so much unless theres something hes not tellin us!

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