Video: Big Sean – Getcha Some (Dir: Hype Williams)

Shouts to Cliff Skighwalker.

Previously: Big Sean – UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape)

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22 Responses to “Video: Big Sean – Getcha Some (Dir: Hype Williams)”

  1. themarv Says:

    LOL…Kanye got Big sean this hot ass video and Drake that horrible crock of shit……im smelling a setup.

  2. NovemberEnd aka Respect The Architect Never Test The Elohim Says:

    listened to UKNOWBIGSEAN a while ago didn’t like it…i tried though….i really did

  3. G-Roc Says:

    Word. This video > Drake’s. Yeah the women were fine in Drake’s vid, but thats about it.

  4. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Futon > Big Sean

  5. FFGreen Says:

    Good song

  6. Bread Says:

    this shit is wack juice!!! a waste of a beat and video!!

  7. lanski Says:

    Damn, Drake should feel real dumb right now.

    Should of gave Little X a shot nigga.


  8. Kid Juggernaut Says:

    good song, good videol

  9. lol Says:

    this niggas is trash good music needs to be touched by an Angel!

  10. getright Says:

    the audio didnt match his lip synch at all, its like a kung fu jawn

  11. One20 Productions Says:

    I fool wit son.

  12. LMFAO Says:

    this is soo me video #3 4 good music artist??? niggas videos starting 2 look like sesame street???? get some new ideas

  13. Mr.Londoner Says:


    note that this vid was made LAST year April..

    waaaay before “Breast i ever had” & kanye didnt direct this

  14. young Says:

    dope vid to bad it wont get that heavy play you know kanye not woried about hes ridin kid cudi nuts sack right now

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  16. Mixtape Torrents Says:

    He should have re-recorded this song, his vocals shift too much and in a bad way. I don’t hate the kid but he needs to make sure this doesn’t keep up. The video itself was kool but couldn’t watch the whole thing because the song.

  17. The Future Says:

    they should re-do Drizzy Drizzle Dripping Drake’s vid all over again, fo reala.

  18. GMZ Says:

    the nigga is maddddddddddddd regular.

  19. Boulderstuff Says:

    not a fan of the song, but cool video – audio problems, ive got two big sean tapes that i really like though, definitely got potential IMO

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  21. hempstead Says:

    wait-wait i dont no what kind pple comment and hate on the songs that are hot. i wish somebody do a documentrie and show us the the type of life these fags are living cause i really think these cats dont have a clue about hot music.. how about if dont like a song post a link on the songs you think is hot

  22. Potter Says:

    As far as GOOD artist releases, I’m anticipating that Kid Cudi more but Big Sean is growing on me. That mixtape has a few bangers, no doubt.

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