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Video: Tony Yayo – I Used to Get It In Southside (Both Versions) + Public Enemies (Mixtape)

Hit the jump for version #2, and Marvin’s latest mixtape, Public Enemies.


Link: Tony Yayo – Public Enemies (Mixtape)

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12 Responses to “Video: Tony Yayo – I Used to Get It In Southside (Both Versions) + Public Enemies (Mixtape)”



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    [C] SDP.

  2. NovemberEnd aka Respect The Architect Never Test The Elohim Says:

    esko a undercover marvin stan?…say word..roffle!!..do thisiscurly have this mixtape yet

  3. D_Block_4_life AKA heat the track up like abodo/sazon/sofrito Says:


  4. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Marvo is wackalicious (nh)

  5. KCNHO Says:

    RAYBANS?????? FAIL YAYO I thought u was a gangsta?

  6. DeepVision Says:

    Cam needs to re-record get in ohio to erase this tony yayo garbage from my memory. i wish I never clicked ‘play’

  7. StrayBullet Says:

    How rappers manage to ruin a perfectly fine song/beat is so beyond me. Don’t these people have friends, followers, etc. that are honest with them and tell them their shit is junk.

    RAPPERS: If you insist on jumping on someone else’s beat, please do the public a favor and don’t be wack! The world will be a much better place and twitter will have more positive tweets.

  8. Cynthia Says:

    Yayo, has to grow on me…Sorry

  9. KzA Says:


  10. ninefourteen Says:

    two-times where u been at?

  11. Jewtino Says:

    Swagger Jacker.

  12. Nah Right » Video: Tony Yayo - Streets Keep Calling Me Says:

    […] via MTV: Today, we bring you the debut of a new viral video by Tony Yayo called “Streets Keep Calling Me.” The clip features fellow Queens giant Cormega and is off Yayo’s Public Enemies mixtape. […]

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