Video: Vicky Cristina Atlanta

Sadly, all this fun was interrupted by news of Gucci’s incarceration:


Brrr… it’s so cold in the A…

People were saying it was over failing to pass a urine test [||] or not even showing up for his probation hearing, but it doesn’t really matter since we’re not a gossip site and we don’t go by word of mouth. We’ll just rock our Free Gucci Mane t-shirts and wait for a video of him flossing with 16 chains and cheesing his face off. Plus both Nicki and Soulja Boy just reneged on their statements.


Previously: Gucci Mane in Court (Video)

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32 Responses to “Video: Vicky Cristina Atlanta”

  1. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    Can a nigga get a table dance??? Free gucci

  2. kevinbclarkk Says:

    hahahahaha AYE!

  3. Dennis Mars, Says:

    The movement is happening in Detroit. THE LIVE THE MUSIC CONCERT, AUGUST 15TH, 2009. WATCH IT HAPPEN HERE:

  4. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    Dudes an idiot

  5. Godz Says:

    free gucci maaaine

  6. malik Says:

    them girls looked straight trashed and way too young ..just a couple of hoes ..

  7. ThatMan Says:

    “I would let him hit it raw” should be put on that girl’s tombstone.

  8. dj2776 Says:

    Maybe remove the statements since you’re “not a gossip site” and “don’t go by word of mouth”.

  9. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    Ummmm YAISH

  10. Wolverine Says:

    that’s crazzyyyyyy lol.
    salute to gucci.
    i wish there were complete stranger females that were willing to do whatever based on audio.

  11. nation Says:

    >> Maybe remove the statements since you’re “not a gossip site” and “don’t go by word of mouth”.

    it’s to put it in context douchelick

  12. What_it_is_my_guy Says:

    He prolly got busted for fucking that jailbait….

  13. jamie.j Says:

    these white girls know 100% more about Gucci Mane than I do…

  14. killakate Says:

    Another waste of space

  15. The marv Says:

    Every Southern whiteman’s worst nightmare in that clip…LOL

  16. Beave Says:

    lol @ The marv. But WTF with Gucci? I haven’t seen any headlines from credible sources on this info. ???

  17. Chicago's worst Says:

    Every greyboy’s worst nightmare. Be surprised them trixies even old enough to get a driver’s license.

    Also, fuck gucci.

  18. Chicago's worst Says:

    Every greyboy’s worst nightmare. Damn trixies ain’ even old enough to get a learner’s permit.

    An Gucci Mane? The hell they putting in the water down there?

  19. 3stacks Says:

    id rather you be a gossip site that post videos like that piece of garbage, who gives a fuck if two drunk girls would fuck gucci mane?

  20. J. Caesar Says:

    lol funny shit guciiiiiiiiiii

  21. KCNHO Says:

    When I see shit like this I think about edward norton in American History X. Put ur teeth on the curb

  22. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Gucci is a star/Gucci buy the bar

  23. Seth Gueko Says:


    Gucci Mane
    SO ICY rmx
    so icey ent.
    Guccitendo on the way !
    hope new album sept/october 09
    even if he’s in jail damn !

  24. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Gucci loves candy/Gucci dates whootys named Mandy

  25. B!Z Says:

    this video is the reason i sk8board.

  26. HaS aka Mr. GoodBar Says:

    Gucci is a coon.

  27. QM Says:

    Gucci would be in jail for another reason if hit those jail bates….Gucci need to see ID’s ladies


    Gucci fuckin freshmen all the way to the seniors/ Gucci fuckin little ass hoes like cristina


    *watches video for 20 seconds*
    *picks up credit card*
    *orders “FREE GUCCI MANE” t-shirt*
    *watches becky quote verses*
    *cancels credit card*

    they’d probably let Bushwick Bill go raw. mad daddy issues in that clip.

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  31. Ziploc Moe Says:

    Those white hoes are from Detroit, not Atlanta.

  32. The DMV Blog Bully Says:

    niggas took back they statements cuz they dont want ppl knowing he locked up.

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