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Video: Green Lantern Talks Game Vs. Jay Z

Previously: The Game – I’m So Wavy (Jay-Z Diss)

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11 Responses to “Video: Green Lantern Talks Game Vs. Jay Z”

  1. Da PartStarter Says:


  2. The Shot Clock aka Guns is me Says:

    get ‘im Game….

  3. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Wassup Nah?

  4. Voltron Says:

    Go GAME!

  5. Voltron Says:

    Too many Blueprints, not enough architects.

  6. and the winner is.. Says:

    RT @Voltron Too many Blueprints, not enough architects….

    *guess im art vandalay..

  7. Seth Gueko Says:

    Jay-Z unveils latest “Blueprint” for success
    he’s the business, man! hiphop #1 hustler NOW

    Yayo’s interview about GameVsJayz
    it’s true! you’re 20 milli
    dude’s is 200 ! fuck what u think
    it’s another planet…
    game is on the moon, jayz is on MARS !

  8. Mumja Says:

    booooooooooo stfu greeny

  9. DC the SoulChild Says:

    my opinion is game will eat jayz just my opinion. jay dont got what he used to

  10. YBE Says:

    ^^^ lol … yeah right

  11. d Says:

    Jay is too old. he break his hip trying to rap to game. listen to any of the 300 bars 120 bars 200 bars or 600 bars and a runnin’ and tell me that game wont murder jay z like he did the g-unit.

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