Beastie Boys feat. Nas – Too Many Rappers


The Beastie Boys are dropping Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 on Sept. 15th.

Beastie Boys feat. Nas – Too Many Rappers | zshare

Spotted at RockTheDub via RapRadar.

Previously: Beastie Boys x Nas at Bonnaroo (Video)

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22 Responses to “Beastie Boys feat. Nas – Too Many Rappers”

  1. Chee Says:


  2. Chee Says:


  3. AspeQt Says:


  4. Roof do the Houdini Says:

    fuck these Jews

  5. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    @ ^ dam

    This song is bananas mos def a repost… Got leaked last night

  6. ONOFRIO Says:

    for some reason i cant open this up in my iTunes…


    Kinda different for Nas

  8. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    Check out the video ^

    @ Spate Magazine

    I know but he did his thing on stage

  9. FRANCOIS Says:

    i cant open this up at all. anyone got the z-share for this? MAze and frankie beverly…best shit to jam on lazy sundays

  10. nation Says:


  11. mie Says:

    this really is garbage. the beastie boys lyrics are wack. and i used to be a big fan. its time for them to give this shit up already. move on.

  12. Freshnessandabove Says:

    yea this is sort of a mess
    Smh they are not lyricists
    I liked nas flow in this tho

  13. hip hop all the way...! Says:

    ^^^I agree…Nas flow is nice!

  14. FRANCOIS Says:


    Good looks on the z-share. peace

  15. rafi Says:

    I gotta disagree with the comments here. This song suffers more from Nas’ lack of versatility than it does Beasties shortcomings as lyricists. Remember how well the Q-Tip collabo on Ill Communication worked because Tip shined at a back and forth party style of rhyme. This collabo never had a chance.

  16. DeepVision Says:

    The Hook is enough 4 me bcuz it’s true. There are too many rappers. Not enough emcees. as far as i’m concerned Beastie boys and nas can drop whatever they want. they been holding it down for 20 years (give or take) at least these are people who actually have dropped classic hip hop albums. that’s how lame it is now. back in 98 cats would have flipped just to hear this collabo. Now, too many kids wanna hear ‘rappers’ and don’t know what a real MC is.

  17. OneBluntWonder Says:



  18. tom Says:

    bring some t-pain and jeezy, they know how to rap! c’mon, what’s this world coming to…

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  20. Jimi Says:

    Strawberry Letter 23 like Shuggie!

    Shout out to Otis!

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