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Video: Mark Wahlberg Spars w/ Floyd Mayweather

P-Reala CEO of Floyd Mayweather’s own Philthy Rich Records gives you a glimpse of the Philthy Rich lifestyle in which in this episode Floyd Mayweather and one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors Mark Wahlberg engage in a playful hand to hand exhibition in Mark’s home boxing gym. Jackie Long (ATL, Idlewild) steps in and gives a brief PSA adddressing the so called “competition”. P-Reala speaks and kicks a freestyle.

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7 Responses to “Video: Mark Wahlberg Spars w/ Floyd Mayweather”

  1. the real truth Says:

    Mark Wahlberg?

  2. Voltron Says:

    Marky Mark baby!!!

  3. Black Says:

    Pat Buchanan on the appointement of Sotomayor=Priceless

  4. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    *damn I wish i could live Fams life*

  5. PapaMo Says:

    Got those Good Vibrations, got those sweeet vibrations

  6. Seth Gueko Says:

    Shooter !

  7. RealUptownKids Says:

    P-Reala spittin some fire..

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