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Video: LL Cool J Interview w/ HHO

LL talks Lil Wayne, Drake and what’s happened to hip hop.

Shots fired at bamma type choruses.

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7 Responses to “Video: LL Cool J Interview w/ HHO”

  1. YaBoy88 Says:

    He showed respect, still seemed alittle aggy though…


  2. k1ng Says:

    casket stays gettin shitted on

  3. White and on Nahright Says:

    Sup Grandpa

  4. oGrandeGee Says:

    ll cool j, a living rap-legend.

  5. Daddy dre Says:

    One word….headsprung

  6. Freshnessandabove Says:

    “you like my chorus!!?, snap your fingers”

  7. Kid Juggernaut Says:

    lol ll is hilarious i love how he watered down how hip hop is weak as dollar store toilet paper and no one has substance.he was holdin bak alot and i agree wit everything he said but fuk tht lettin it gow sumbody need to holocaust hip hop! im up for it fuck these sing song,ringtone,crack rap,autotune fagits! im 19 im apart of this fukd up generation but i hate the stupidity of my peers

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