Video: Immortal Technique Interview w/ John Public

Tech stopped through the Dub not too long ago to kick it with some of the EOW family and support his homie Akir for a featured showcase, along with fellow EOW Alum Poison Pen. Here, he talks about coming up through End of The Weak, developing the brutal stage show hes known for, and how aspiring emcees can hang their baggage up to go for broke when it comes to their own personal style.

Hit the jump for part two with Immortal Technique.

In the second half of our conversation, Tech spoke in-depth about why his passion for music, honed in the streets of NYC and places like EOW, eventually pushed him towards his current mission in Afghanistan. He also talked about what its like owning land for a living and having to protect it from all types of wildlife. Including leopards aha.

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