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Ma$e – Thinking About You



Ma$e – Thinking About You

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27 Responses to “Ma$e – Thinking About You”

  1. 80sbabykp Says:

    this sounds like a throwaway track from master p’s ‘gameface’ sessions.

  2. Baby jesus Says:


  3. Andrew Barber Says:

    He sounds like Hammer

    When he tried to do that Pro-America song.


    This isn’t 1999, Mason

  4. HombreNegro Says:

    *appreciates that nah right genuinely and in a not so bad way hates on somebody*

    (it gives the brand validity… and it’s funny as all hell…)

  5. TheRealProtege Says:

    LoL@ cornball. mah sentimants exactly. dudes cheesy. everytime i think of him it hink of this fucking onfomercial i seen him on, with this other black chick. it was like 3AM shit made me disgusted. dude had some shine with the whole 50 thing, now he’s done. gone.

  6. Mr.Londoner Says:


    … and yet you still post his tracks..

  7. Kit Walker Says:

    mase just manages to combine my hate for full of shit preachers, especially the ones on tv, born again christians and religious nuts, fake ass phony ass hoes, rappers condradicting themselves, wak wak wak ass mc’s, hypocrits and terrible songs all into one, and then ontop of all that he goes picking up trannys

  8. cestert Says:


    “… and yet you still post his tracks..”

    exactly ?? smh

  9. jj Says:

    why post this if you feel hes a cornball

  10. Elzonz Says:

    Eskay is soundin like a hater, why post if u finna hate. Making Yonkers look like haterville rite now son, fall back…And keep up the good work my nig

  11. Elyonz Says:

    SK is soundin like a hater, why post if u finna hate. Making Yonkers look like haterville rite now son, fall back…And keep up the good work my nig

  12. bctw Says:

    equal opportunity posting

    if you guys hate Ma$e so much wtf are you doing here using your precious time commenting on someone you guys hate?

    please stop playing yourselves.

    thanks in advance!

  13. J. Caesar Says:

    I mean I don’t understand why post somebody..u think is a cornball..but hey atleast ma$e can’t say nahright don’t bump my shit…but there is no dying mase in his day was dope

  14. J. Caesar Says:


  15. NYLE Says:

    Pastors make more money than anybody in the black community, why the fuck can’t Creflo’s homeboy afford a graphic designer?

  16. Kid Icarus Says:

    Yes new Ma$e.

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  18. bl Says:

    Stop hating.

  19. kintell Says:

    Yes new Ma$e.

    ^really my dude?

  20. getright Says:

    this is fire

  21. Los Says:

    come own come own

  22. Los Says:

    ya that art does suck

  23. JayBreezy Says:

    I’m WEAK at you combining THAT picture with the track HA!!

    On that note…if this song isn’t about the O’ Mighty Hey-Zeus…then I ain’t listening to it…

  24. freshnessandabove Says:

    I’m not a hater and usually try to stay away from saying anything negative
    About ma$e but damn that shit was fucking wack!!!!

  25. mie Says:


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  27. White and on Nahright Says:

    Fuck yeah Mase!!

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