ESSO – Despicable E


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ESSO – Despicable E


Previously: Pharrell Williams – Despicable Me

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5 Responses to “ESSO – Despicable E”

  1. Jay Says:

    C’mon now… I’m all for new artists… but this shit is weak… This wasn’t a race to see who can hop on a vulnerable.. damn man… Kick back. This was not at all hot…..

  2. shirt Says:

    this is terrible. I show love when love is warranted. this is garbage. I put out a despicable remix the same day nahright dropped the joint and got no response from the big guys. none. you can say I’m mad. you can say I’m a hater. I’m none of those things. I’m truly flabbergasted mothafuckas, bewildered how these guys get on. please somebody tell me esso knows eskay personally. please tell me he bailed eskay out of jail in the 90’s or something. if not? if this on some level is hot and I’m too much of a hater to see it? tell me that shit too.

    here’s mine by the way.. “Despicable Me”

    I’m not trying to disrespect anybody. I love nahright -I just don’t like all the politics. I know you guys can’t post every remix these knuckleheads put out but shit, at least take a second and post one of the good ones.

  3. never lie Says:

    you two obviously wasn’t listening to what the dude was saying on here. i can say the mix could be better but other than that he did his thing on there.

    shirt, your a bitter hater. pay ya dues. i heard your version and its not bad but it sound like you was trying to imitates pharrell’s voice and cadence. to my knowledge he has never met eskay.

    jay you sound like a hater too.

  4. shirt Says:

    good looking never lie. I disagree that my voice and cadence match pharrell’s but definitely dually noted you fucker.

    I never lie either by the way. I heard Esso’s joint again and I was wrong to say it was terrible. It’s not that bad at all. Sometimes I be wilding, stressed out about my own.

  5. Jay Says:

    smh… sorry. Still weak

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