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Video: Zack Wolfe x XXL’s Atlanta Boy’s Choir x Grand Hustle at Birthday Bash

Had to wait to post this clip till after XXL posted their official behind the scenes video. This is not really a behind the scenes moment, its more of a light hearted moment between 3 of A-Towns Finest. I like to think we try to capture people exactly how they are, and this is a moment in time that was very natural as we were waiting for SouljaBoy to get to the shoot.

via Zack Wolfe

I hung out with Grand Hustle the other day before the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash. Lil Duval broke out his “Fake Ass Chain” which may be a T-Pain diss? Not sure but I know he has a chain that closely resembles this one but is titled “Big Ass Chain” I like Lil Duvals better. Yung La was in the building with Young Dro. I wish I could say I had more footage from this day but we rolled up with 30 people and they would not let me in with my camera. DAMN! Even rolling with Jason Geter and all of Grand Hustle was not enough to get me in that day. Their loss, I would have killed it, haha. Next year let me in All Access! Enjoy some funny footage courtesy of Lil Duval, that dude is hilarious…

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8 Responses to “Video: Zack Wolfe x XXL’s Atlanta Boy’s Choir x Grand Hustle at Birthday Bash”


    Lol, @ Obama’s “Mom Jean’s”.


    Lol, damn yo.

    The Mom Jeans and Spalding sneakers were self ether.

  3. Brava Says:

    Lol, @ Obama’s “Mom Jean’s”.

    ^ send that man some fubu stat!

  4. Brodie Says:

    I remember seeing Global Gangstas on a SMACK DVD a min ago. Could tell they were from the Chi. Had the full length minks on riding in a ’96 Caprices

  5. Seth Gueko Says:

    the new and biggest label out ?

  6. HipHopSince1989 Says:

    “…but between me n you i think dem boys slow!”-Jeezy LMAO

  7. Dirty G Says:

    This some ish, the King get lock down and Fuck Boys run free, where the justice.

  8. crisis Says:

    these guys are literally half retarded
    its actually scary how gucci and oj seriously seem retarded, like down syndrome or something

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