Video: Meth Says Harold & Kumar Swagger Jacked

It’s true that Harold & Kumar bears several resemblances to How High.

Previously: Method Man & Redman ft. Erick Sermon – Mrs. International

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7 Responses to “Video: Meth Says Harold & Kumar Swagger Jacked”


    No wonder Drake has gotten so many posts.

    Eskay’s been buttering him up in hopes for a feature.

  2. ant Says:

    harold and kumar>>how high

  3. doc Says:

    should read “It’s true that How High bears several resemblances to Cheech and Chong”

  4. William M. Holla Says:

    Ummm. how high is not a classic in any sense of the word. Not to say H&K is hilarious in every aspect but it was all round better movie. And Weed buddy movies been around for years. I guess Meth and Red swagger jacked Cheech and Chong?

  5. Knuckz Says:

    Nigga can address Harold & Kumar, but wont respond to Joe Budden…..whamp, whamp!!

  6. crisis Says:

    joe budden is better than meth
    and meth and red swagger jacked cheech and chong
    so meth is basically retarded

  7. nunya bizness Says:

    Stop begging. No one wants to see that crap. How High sucked.

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