Global Gangsters feat. Rick Ross – Hustler


This song’s cool, and it’s really the only kind of beat Rawsey Bawsey should be rapping over.

Global Gangsters feat. Rick Ross – Hustler

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10 Responses to “Global Gangsters feat. Rick Ross – Hustler”

  1. The DMV Blog Bully Says:


  2. joe Says:

    global clowns

  3. Brava Says:

    Global Gangsters

    ^ um no comment

  4. Brava Says:

    oh yeah BBBAAAWWWWSSSS!!!!

  5. Homeboy Says:

    now i know why ross wears shades

  6. Andrew Barber Says:

    Well I’ll be god damned, if it isn’t Chicago’s very own Jo Jo Capone. The man all rappers call when they’re in the Chi. Gotta post this one…

  7. stacy Says:

    i want to download that Angel ft Rick Ross record i heard in the club last night!

  8. crisis Says:

    i stopped listening to fresh daily to listen to this shit

  9. weee Says:

    oh maaaaan, real recognize real.nuff said, shout out TRU LIFE.big up french montana!!MAX!!!!!!!!!!Bruno!
    this is the liiiife.ROC!!!french heraldry b****!!!
    we here!

  10. What_it_is_my_guy Says:

    haha….guess who got extorted in the chi….baussss

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