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Video: Budden Speaks on Inspectah Deck’s RTB Diss

I was off the grid for most of the weekend so I don’t really know the whole story about all of this beyond what I read here and there and what Joe says in this clip, but apparently Deck yelled out “Fuck Joe Budden” or some such at one of the Rock The Bells (D.C.?) shows this past weekend. Here he speaks on the incident.

Shout to Ricky Dee for ripping this from Joey’s live stream.

Previously: Inspectah Deck – House Nigga (Joe Budden Diss)

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34 Responses to “Video: Budden Speaks on Inspectah Deck’s RTB Diss”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    # Dem Says:
    July 13th, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    On the other hand, with the right exec. producer and a mean production team Sisqo could still make a comeback if he wanted.

    ^ easy. he’d fit riiight in with these new niggas.

    ^We on the same frequency because I was thinkin’ the EXACT same thing. Ambiguous, androgynous ninjas are poppin’ right now.

  2. D. Billz Says:

    Cosign Joe88 on Jumpoff’s fitted game. That St. Patty’s BoSox fitted is meeeean.

  3. jimmy valentime Says:

    The fât one in druhill > siquo

  4. NovemberEnd aka Respect The Architect Never Test The Elohim Says:

    is this dude EVER going to send bars Deck way?….enough talking send bars or shut the fuck up already

  5. jimmy valentime Says:

    Plays never make a promise and beauty re mix

  6. SuvioBlue Says:

    this is Joe tryn not to be a sucka but at the same time not sayin anything thats gonna get his fitted hat clipped off…

  7. Joe 88 Says:

    >I’m glad they (DefJam) bodied that “Unleash the Dragon” video.

    ^They showed a few clips of it on some VH1 special, jesus that shit was horrible, I just remember a white lady talking about how they was tryna explain to him that it was a bad move for them to release it, but he tried his hardest to get it out there, smfh

    >On the other hand, with the right exec. producer and a mean production team Sisqo could still make a comeback if he wanted.

    Real rap.


    Long as the rest of dru hill don’t do no more radio interviews, there fight @ 92.Q was the gayest shit ever

    *Sisqo get mad & peels off*

    Random weed carrier: Sisqo don’t leave, YOUR NOT EVEN SUPPOSE TO BE DRIVING


  8. Des of The Killaz Says:

    this how the weakest member of the group gets his shine. since he can’t get buzz off his raps, he gets it off beefs.

  9. BLACK JADEN Says:


  10. eyse Says:


    “lets me know how much of coward he is”

    “it was a real gutsy, ballsy move”

    damn, mark ass trick – get your story straight.
    is this muhfucker retarded?

    and further more who the fuck is he talking about “these niggaz” because joey can’t step to the Wu… and if he tries to diss the INS on the triumph beat i guarantee that it comes of as week as these fucking JoeTV vlogs….
    get your bars up or shut up. faggot.

  11. The DMV Blog Bully Says:

    LOL @ I blog atomically.

  12. donkilluminati Says:

    sorry joey, wu tang is cuttin heads, they hard ass mother fuckers, masta killa punched out chloe coker for drawin cartoons of em. they aint nuthin to fuck with. can u not understand this? deck is way better than he will ever be, the worst wu verse is better than the best joe verse. its too bad joe had to fuck up cause royce is sooo nice and joel and crooked.

  13. Boe Juddens Says:

    LOL joey recites those Triumph lyrics as if they are beneath him or something!? how arrogant…
    he is gonna single handedly ruin this slaughterhouse look cause his big mouth. I’d pay good $ to watch buddens get stomped out 1 good time….

  14. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    ^ 16 bars of the day

    Dear Joe Budden Fan Base

    Peace peace… I am finally get it ! Joe Buddens you aint no Punk ! Kudos you stand up to anyone and you speak your mind and heart, i can’t be mad at that.. matter fact i respect that !

    I can agree to dis-agree ? Have you ever seen Method Man Live ? Like a live actual performance ? Do you honestly feel he rock harder than Meth ? Can someone show me footage worldwide where people crowd surf and have a good time and rehearse the classic bangas from Meth

    Sorry for the rant and tangent.. I just came home long day on the plantation and realize i can’t be mad anymore at Joe Buddens and his fans!

    Only time well tell ? My personal opinion stands, Joe Buddens respect the bars, very talented, Mood Muzik some crack but certain business moves playa.. isn’t a good look ?

    This is a 2009 Canibus Move ? The Wu ain’t Uncle L…

  15. WUTANGFAN Says:


    And I been bumping his shit since the debut but you are going to far. Since when did you become a tough guy and is going to beat up niggas? I’m glad Crooked,Royce and Joell told you better. And didn’t you say how (I think it was Jay) when they dissed you to your own beat it was better for you? Why try and diss Deck over one of the best Wu beats ever? You asshole! And those first 2 songs (the1 and the one with MOP) both suck balls!


  16. BLV Says:

    Tired of Budden. Gets no records sold.. Just on the net all the time making videos

  17. bl Says:

    50 starts beef with everybody to sell records. To get publicety for his site.
    Budden.. Dont get it. He isnt relevant. Padded Room sold 13 in its first week and the songs were boring. Nobody cares about the deck beef. Stop acting like your some kind of rap superstar or Muhammad Ali. Beat up a Wu member.. Dont think so.

  18. WTF Says:

    YOOOOOO y is this corny gay dude dissing legends? Why is that even given a platform? And y is Joe Budden the only dude I know that’s ALWAYS talking about how he was about to beat someone up. How is that gangster? That’s like saying “I’m tough cause I was about to kick Mike Tyson’s but, but since it was a Wednesday and I only knuckle up on Friday’s, I let him live.”
    Where I’m from its called Pu%%y. And he’s calling a dude corny for stepping on stage after he performed and saying f u, while you’re still right there? If I’m mistaken that’s some hard ish. Rap is confused, next thing you know a person will get shot up, and use that to claim to be a gangster…. uhhhh hold up

  19. Parodi Says:


  20. Parsifal Says:

    Joey, Joey, quit the e thuging your not built like that just takeyourL relase The Slaughterhouse AlLbum and chiill out bucuese your going toget anehilated if you keep acting like that so just fall and pray to God you dont awaken the sleeping Giant (GZA) or it’s all over butt he slow singing and flower bringing my dude.

  21. Stryfe Says:

    LOL. I’m amazed at how involved you people are with beefs. Joe Budden is talented and whatever move he chooses to make is his choice NOT yours. Go play with your cocks.

  22. Hartley Says:

    LOL. I’m amazed at how involved you people are with beefs. Joe Budden is talented and whatever move he chooses to make is his choice NOT yours. Go play with your cocks.

    -Talented at what? Honest question.

  23. Hartley Says:

    Joe be honest with yourself. If you felt like you had any chance in that fight you would have made sure it would have happened. I have no clue how tough Deck is and I really don’t care who would win a fist fight between you. The fact that you put out this video and there is silence from Deck shows true colors. He said what he had to say at the venue. You choose to do it behind your laptop.

  24. E Says:

    Budden need to stand down.
    Superior officers are in the building.
    To go against this clearly suicide…

  25. chronwell Says:

    Hartley Says:
    He said what he had to say at the venue. You choose to do it behind your laptop.
    ^All that needs to be said.

  26. remidii Says:

    This dude is such a fuckin chump!!!

  27. didfan Says:

    Budden and slauterhouse were wack at rock the bells md. There set was extra short. alot of hype and not alot of rapping. The wu held it down. Deck basically said untill joe puts out a classic song let alone a classic album he should just shut the fuck up. the crowd cheered when deck was like fuck joe..even the slauterhouse fans who stuck around to see the Wu

  28. Nah Right » Video: Inspectah Deck’s “Fuck Joe Budden” @ RTB Says:

    […] Here’s the moment that prompted this response from Joe. […]

  29. get on stage and say fuck joe budden Says:

    Joe Budden sucks. I dont even know why I am watching this shit. If joe budden fell of the face of the hip hop earth no one will ever notice. HaaaHaaaa fuckin joke.

  30. adn Says:

    that nigga budden is a punk, dissin REAL hip hop legends n shit… that nigga acts like his shit is some spaceship n wu is just some random ol ass car n shit, wtf?? last time i checked u haven’t gon plat yet with the sales of both ur albums combined, besides niggaz in the street dont respct u… fuckin bum, shut ur mouth n geta life just do U stop talkin bout these other niggas like they owe u something… just look at his beef resume.. game, royce, saigon, meth, deck… imo all of these niggas way better than joey

  31. slimcharles Says:

    Awww Joey, Joey, Joey. You’ve done it now. He almost slipped up and said something about the entire Wu crew. I think he’s in over his head, but I’m just hoping he can get out before it’s too late.

    —>the new Wu Tang album (minus Meth and GZA and Masta Killa). Who is your favorite member of Wu Tang?

  32. DJ BLACK Says:

    Joe Budden deserves the hate Charles Hamilton doesn’t

  33. nunya bizness Says:

    This cornball is such a loser.

  34. nunya bizness Says:

    Liar, liar, pants … probably wet from peeing on himself after hearing Deck at the concert.

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