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Young Son – Success Is…


The homie Z from DJBooth.net has been co-signing this guy and has even gone as far as featuring him in their Freestyle Series, to interviewing him to hosting his mixtape. Check out the first single from his upcoming album, Dreamer’s Poetry.

Young Son – Success Is… (prod. Groundwork)

BONUS: Young Son – Count Sheep (Mixtape)

On the subject of success…

Young Son – I Just Wanna Be… (Successful Freestyle)

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15 Responses to “Young Son – Success Is…”

  1. Lelan Says:

    New drake music on monday

  2. Lelan Says:


  3. NovemberEnd aka I blast on Judas Iscariot Says:

    these Young,Yung,Lil pre-fix names need to deaded shit is played out

  4. Young Son (The Hip Hop Dreamer) Says:

    Thanks for the love NahRight! It’s greatly appreciated. I hope the bloggers enjoy my music.

    To NovemberEnd: Maybe I’ll be one of the new “Youngs” you’ll cosign…lol.

  5. Lelan Says:

    NEW ANDRE 3000

    2 dope….

  6. D_Block_4_life AKA heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:

    Jay-z > Nas

    Just wanted to get that out the way.

  7. Lelan Says:


    its the roc

  8. C90` Says:

    These New Niggas Jumpin In The Game Need To Learn Some Originality. Im Sick Of The Young’s This, And The Lil’s That,

  9. C90` Says:

    Tracks Pretty Dope Though, Cant Front At All

  10. clocksuckaz Says:

    young son… im not cheking out this dude until he changes his artist name.

  11. Parcitizen Says:

    what i gotta do?

  12. Young Son (The Hip Hop Dreamer) Says:

    Guess you’ll miss out on some great music ClockSuckaz. See, I wanted a complicated name, but I see you took the last one…lol.

  13. JJ Says:

    am loving this tape. keep it up, young son. real.

  14. Nikko Says:

    Young Son is a fuckin beast. Hop off dick.

    From the dinkytowner to NahRight. shiiiitttt.

  15. BrokenEmpires Says:

    All the links are fucking dead. Can you reupload? I swear these artists are dickheads. When I drop my shit ama make sure there’s always fresh link in the comment section of all my projects. fuck is wrong with this nigga. I got hyped and then the link doesn’t work. fuck you.

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