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Video: Drake Talks Upcoming Videos, His Rapping / Singing Balance

via MTV:

While Drake works on his debut LP, Thank Me Later, the Toronto MC said there is no method to any of his madness. If he gets inspired to spit rhymes on a track, he’ll get to it. If he wants to croon to a beat, that’s what it will be.

“The balance of singing and rapping has been blurred ever since I did So Far Gone,” he said of his breakthrough mixtape. “I mean, I don’t really have a formula for that. I don’t say, like, ‘OK, I can only sing this hook or I want to rap this.’ I just really hear a beat, and it’s like, ‘If I can write to it on a hip-hop level, if I can pen some raps to it, then that will work.’ And then maybe after I do that, I’ll get in the booth and sing a little part of the verse.

“I like to do that,” he continued. “I like to incorporate singing into my verses. And then I feel like it allows people a break from just constant rapping, rapping, rapping, you know? I think it’s great to incorporate melodies into the songs that I write. And yeah, my goal is just really to make a song that after I listen to it, I’ll just be like, ‘Man, people are going to know the words to that.’ That’s the best thing. I think I’m doing it right, ’cause when I go to the shows, people know the words to the songs, and that’s good.”

Drake has the video for “Best I Ever Had” out right now and says he’ll probably be appearing in front of the cameras for more clips soon.

“There’s talk to do a ‘Successful’ video,” Drake said. “Also, you know, I’m shooting the video to ‘Digital Girl’ with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West and The-Dream. And then there is another song that we have that we might shoot a video for, for the album. So as far as videos go, there is some more potential chances to see [me].”

Successful/Unstoppable split video should have been out.

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16 Responses to “Video: Drake Talks Upcoming Videos, His Rapping / Singing Balance”

  1. Beezy Says:

    never heard of this guy

    I have to give his music a chance…

  2. dominica Says:

    not all press is good press
    MTV may be good press
    but at some pointe it becomes TOO much press
    everytime i come on here
    i feel like there is a new Drake related post

  3. "A" Chick Cole aka Im like a young simba Says:

    Fvcking YES!

  4. "A" Chick Cole aka Im like a young simba Says:

    *pre-orders Thank Me Later*

  5. b-ease Says:

    Drake songs? Of course. Drake links (ll) in Lite? No doubt. Drake videos? How could you not? But posting MTV Drake interviews that were upped on said networks website 5 hours ago?? Why? No shots tho, seriously.

  6. Harlem World Says:

    I used to like his music but im sick of him already. His music is just for the bitches really.

  7. Alex Of Liveagl.com Says:

    I think Drake is a refreshing artist, I’m happy that he is getting this attention..I’m from Toronto and I am extra happy he is repping us…

    BUT!!..not all people in Toronto are happy about his success *we are called screwface capital for a reason*…

    Read What Toronto REALLY feels about Drake and his success…

  8. silas aka simon Says:

    aubrey stays strapped

  9. The Single Black Woman Says:

    I still don’t get the rake bit.

    I mean, he’s relatively easy on the eyes, but as far as rapping (or singing) goes I’m at a loss on why he’s so popular.


  10. thekid10705 Says:

    Enough Drake. Who Cares?

  11. Teddy Says:

    that best i ever had video was a massive fail

  12. Effit Says:



  13. J Says:

    let that bitch breath

  14. AJ is Bumpin the Warmup Says:

    Finally they do the dam successful video…

  15. THELUPEND Says:

    I remembered when I used to listen to so far gone all the time, now its like I don’t give shit about him

  16. CheezyDoDo Says:

    dude need to leave so far gone alone and focus on this upcoming album who watches videos anymore anyway most of them are un original and dont get much play on tv anyway he already has a big buzz

    if it was any song he shoot a video for it should be a night off or sucessful

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