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Video: Termanology presents ST.V Episode 2 (European Tour)

Backstage footage in Burlington, VT & Aarau, Switzerland w/ M.O.P.

Time Machine (Hood Politics VI) drops September 22nd.

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14 Responses to “Video: Termanology presents ST.V Episode 2 (European Tour)”

  1. Sean Coonery Says:

    Donovan McNabb > Steve McNair

    Michael Vick > Steve McNair

  2. Sean Coonery Says:

    I fux with Ne-Yo too…a lot of niggas don’t like Ne-Yo

    Ne-Yo makes songs for the playas…for the pimps…

    for the Nigga…that got a main chick…with 5 chicks on the side…and 2 or 3 on the bench…

    If you aint used to having hoes on your dick…Then you don’t like Drake or Ne-Yo

  3. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    # RIGZ Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 11:09 am

    How do niggas feel about the Transformers 2 Robot’s taking on racial identity?


    Its stupid to me. They were fuckin robots, just because they had a gold tooth, couldn’t read, and talked urban they HAD to be black. Those characteristics are in every race, but of course us black ppl had to have a fit over some shit. Essentially we are claiming that shit to be apart of us, as if its somethin to fight for.

  4. A tribe called quest aka The Latin Teddy Ruxpin Says:

    Donovan McNabb > Steve McNair

    Michael Vick > Steve McNair

    –Is that really necessary… And no

  5. sleep AKA Bernie Madoff aint a snitch Says:

    Making hit records

    Neyo»»the dream

    I put the dream and t-pain in the same space, they make music for the moment.

  6. RIGZ Says:



  7. CiCi The Intern Says:

    # Geronimo P Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I can guarantee you that Eli won’t have to wear that helmet around the house anymore. Don’t want him running around and injuring himself, no do we?

    ^You worrying about Eli… the only reason McNabb don’t have to worry about wearing a helmut in the house is cuz his momma’s tig-ol-bitties acts like an airbag for the entire abode

    At least McNabb’s mom didn’t have to breast-feed Donovan wearing football pads to prevent her son from leaving bruises on her body from incessant and fervent retard convulsions.

  8. Joe 88 Says:

    Alot of the hoes I talked to about drake says he looks gay.

    But I live in baltimore, bitches don’t really like that metro shit too tuff.

    That nigga drake wouldn’t swing at a batting cage

    bitches in baltimore don’t like that shit

  9. CiCi The Intern Says:

    Steve McNair was super-tricking. Buying her a car, letting her live in your crib, mad vacations (dude had the GALL to take her to his farm in Mississippi). Even met her family and told them that he was going to marry her. Shorty was sold.

  10. Sean Coonery Says:

    Am I the only nigga that thinks….

    Justin Timberlake > Usher

    FSLS > Confessions

    I mean Confession is definitely one of the greatest albums ever made.

    But FSLS is way better.

  11. Sean Coonery Says:

    Steve McNair really stunk it up in Baltimore.

    All he did was take the Titans to the Superbowl Once.

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  14. Matt Says:

    that’s my crib in burlington, right before term’s boys in st stole an ipod and two bags from us

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