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Lil Wayne – Most Wanted Rockstar (Snippet)


Lil Wayne – Most Wanted Rockstar (Snippet)

Props to TeamSupreme.

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17 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Most Wanted Rockstar (Snippet)”

  1. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    If Amp or Eskay kill each other Major Case will have everybody thats here right now in interrogation.
    Det : how did it start
    Me: um i really dont know
    Det : but you were commenting
    Me : yeah but i don’t know how it started
    Det : What about Michael jackson daughter? Does that sound familiar?
    Me : I thought Michael Jackson didnt have biological kids
    Det : Bring the next one in

  2. the real truth Says:

    *1950’s Paper Boys It Up*

    “Esk Vs. Amp…Battle Of The Bloggers..Odds 2 to 1 Read All About It”

  3. Mag Says:


  4. Harlem World Says:

    *Starts Nah Right Stop Snitching*
    *Intimidates Ci-Ci and RJ*

  5. FUPM618 Says:

    This album is going to sound horrible.

  6. Apollo Says:

    Bk dont speak my name when they put the pressure on lol I wasnt in that forum b…

    Det : He already snitched on you. Eskay runs nahright, correct?

    me : what is a nahright?

  7. Harlem World Says:

    This wayne Re-Birth album sounds god awful. This could be the start of Cash Money’s decline.

  8. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    If Amp bodies Eskay and takes over Nahright (until the police come)
    don’t ban me Amp i was only joking about grinding on your mother. no shots

  9. R.J.Orion Says:

    Detectives: “…do you know if this “Amp Gee” went by any other names or aliases? …”

    RJ Orion: *blank stare*

    Detectives: “what were these aliases ?..”

    RJ Orion: *blank stare*

    Detectives: “Mr. Orion is there anything you can tell us about this case?”

    RJ Orion: “JayZ > NaS…”

    Detectives: SMH… get him outta here … send in Apollo

  10. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    Det : you had several beefs on the blog site
    FAM : *produces picture of chief of police in a stop snitching t shirt*

  11. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    ;;changes subject::

    I am put the mj village voice cover
    On a t-shirt

    An am going to the reakwon noise makers

  12. Apollo Says:

    Detectives: SMH… get him outta here … send in Apollo


    Det : stop crying…

    Me : ayo look, I dont even mess wit dem niggas like that detective.

    Det : You know you fucked up, Right? * repeats it 7x times*

    Me : *slouches back in chair*

  13. vinylrichie Says:

    Is he seriously using Garage Band sounds???

  14. scawty scawty Says:

    the mayans predicted lil wayne’s gona die in 2012. thank god drake’s gona take over.

  15. Matt Says:

    This song is straight trash

  16. JDre Says:

    & this the ni99a they all hype about? ha

  17. ClickClack@gmail.com Says:

    this is fucking crazy

    suck my antennas!

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