Video: Jin – Hong Kong Lemon Tea Commercial

Previously: Video: Iron Solomon vs. Jin @ Fight Klub

Spotted @ The305 via Godfree

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21 Responses to “Video: Jin – Hong Kong Lemon Tea Commercial”

  1. kevfresco Says:

    lol…an onslaught of rappers r about to attack jay


    and watch as hov 7 emcee theories them(the original ether folks). i predict this will happen in half a bar each.

  2. November End Says:

    why is there a Jin post?

  3. Suaveebolaayatollahsaudiarabiacocacola Says:

    *DEAD* at Jimmy’s tweet. He’s been praying every night since Prey IV Fail dropped

    “What’s poppin, Lord – It’s ya boy – Capo. Now I know the album flopped and all, and I reaped what I sowed by acting like a bitch when Cam came back and shelving the Boss Don, but if you could see your way to getting Old Head to diss me again, than I won’t ask you for anymore Louis grandma shawls. Oh and good looking out, B! I beat the case after the Ne-Yo fight (KALINA!)

    Thanks God.

  4. kevfresco Says:

    (o)(o) does commercials now? oh shit! the dude cut his beard!?

  5. Suaveebolaayatollahsaudiarabiacocacola Says:

    That Lemon chain is pretty funny.

  6. A tribe called quest aka The Latin Teddy Ruxpin Says:

    I used to be a jin fan on the low, even when he called himself “the emcee”. I have to get those songs back.

    The Jin/Kanye joint still gets love on the itunes

  7. moresickaMC Says:

    Jin had potential

  8. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Serius really served this kid up.

  9. JDollaz12 Says:

    lf: headed to montego bay, jamaica next week. doin a lil’ research on the proper ways to cop some ganja. i heard stay away from rastas at airport (alot of undercovers workin w/ police) and taxi drivers, and find somebody who works at your resort. not trying to be on that “locked up abroad” show ya dig? anyone been out there before?

  10. unbiasedny Says:

    this kid is poppin out in asia – get that money homey wherever it is. dont forget to wave to them haters.

  11. unbiasedny Says:

    MUCH support to jin and nahright for putting this up – mad celebrities be doing sh*t overseas and we never hear about it. thats where the $ is yo.

  12. and the winner is.. Says:

    jin….for gettin paid….finally

  13. REL Says:

    eh if jigga make euros’s then i guess jin make yen fuck it

  14. PapaMo Says:

    There’s 3 billion people in China and Jin can’t even go platinum over there

  15. NYLE Says:

    this makes me sad

  16. Mike Says:

    HAha I was thinking of that entourage scene when I saw that. And if a Jin commerical makes you sad. Then you got your mind on the wrong things

  17. Grand Master Says:

    I got people in Shanghai that Jin is mad tight with. He is strong over there – his co-sign means a lot. To a lot of asian kids (and there are a lot of asian kids), he is their Rakim/Eminem/whatever groundbreaking emcee.

    he’s repping a streetwear line, some sneaker company, and doing raps in cantonese & english

  18. eboc Says:

    fuck em…get your money

  19. B!Z Says:

    juice-box jin.

  20. BEsmirched Says:

    This commercial also comes with a 15 stories billboard in the busiest intersection in Hong Kong (cross harbour tunnel)… position previously occupied by Yao Ming.
    So haters, Jin hand been waving at y’all for a min…

  21. THE REAL JIN Says:


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