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Trey Songz feat. Mase – I Need A Girl (Remix)


Trey Songz feat. Mase – I Need A Girl (Remix)

Props to Splash via DJ Absolut.

Previously: Drake feat. Mase – Best I Ever Had | Audio: Mase calls DJ Self + Jim Jones apologizes to Mase

“Mike passed away and it just lit the fire in me — it made me go in the studio and do something. I’m excited,” the Harlem-born rapper said. “I asked my nephew who is the hottest thing out there and he said “Drake!’ When I listened to his music I said, ‘I’m going to jump on this joint.'”

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13 Responses to “Trey Songz feat. Mase – I Need A Girl (Remix)”


    If your a Mase stan Kill ya self

  2. BASHWON Says:

    Is that you, Betha???

  3. The marv Says:

    Wanna be pastor ass nigga…..he probably did that to get $$ for the studio. MASE……NOBODY LIKES YOU.

  4. Brava Says:


    ^ THIS 2x


    not SO bad.

  6. Petey La Fleur Says:

    murda ma$e! *mean mugs*

  7. BooBoo Says:

    AGRESSIVE CONTENT YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. killakate Says:

    Ma$e hasnt been good since COC……wait…was he ever good?

  9. Teddy Says:

    rapper pastor rapper pastor rapper pastor what kind of bs hypocrit is this

  10. S.Dot Says:

    ^^ umm Rev Run?

  11. Pushin It Says:

    good since COC…



    Mase the best tho

  12. Teddy Says:

    its like that annoyin zit that wont go away just keeps coming back

  13. Dizzy D Says:

    DRAKE is on TOTAL CLUB HITS 3 with I’m Still Fly. IN STORES NOW!

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