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Rolling Stone’s Michael Jackson Cover


Issue will be out next week. Pre-order here.

Ninety-six pages chronicling the thrilling highs and chilling lows of Michael Jackson from Motown to Thriller to Neverland and beyond. Plus emotional remembrances from Quincy Jones, Slash, Will.i.am, Brooke Shields and more.

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13 Responses to “Rolling Stone’s Michael Jackson Cover”

  1. Cali Sun Says:

    We miss you, Mike.

  2. Kid A Says:

    R.I.P Steve McNair

  3. Mag Says:

    Fuck 2009

  4. November End Says:

    wtf is going on with all these 2009 death

  5. Brava Says:

    Now that’s a cover

    Forever King (no 50)

  6. Adam Says:

    Cover looks awesome

  7. Raymond Simmons Says:

    wtf……Steve Mcnair is dead too.

  8. BBManik Says:

    That’s dope. They stepped up on this one. R.I.P The King

  9. - keka - Says:


  10. preston2190 Says:

    lol, I just found some guy on eBay selling soil from the spot where Michael died…this is too good!


    Haha you have to see it. It contains MJ’s ghost!

  11. Pinkies Up!! Ladies’ Man Edition Says:

    […] Rolling Stones’ Michael Jackson Cover (Nah Right) […]

  12. Kasey Says:

    He will live for ever and he never was guilty

  13. Kasey Says:

    Love from all of my family

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