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Atmosphere – Leak At Will EP


hello party people. as we approach the launch of our new digital online store anthony and myself have put together another project that we are giving away for free to any of you who sign up for a user account on our online store www.FifthElementOnline.com. the project is a 7 song ep called LEAK AT WILL, and it was a lot of fun to make. nothing too serious, just smiles and cries. consider it another “thank you” for all of the support you have offered us over the years.

Tracklist/download after the jump.

Atmosphere – Leak At Will EP


Spotted @ iR

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12 Responses to “Atmosphere – Leak At Will EP”

  1. Dre Says:

    Before anybody says Jay-Z, I’m already on it.

  2. Seth Gueko Says:


  3. Seth Gueko Says:

    jay’s freestyle ain’t the intro
    but he’s def a buzz soon
    bp3 september 09…
    fourth quarter sure
    hope masterpiece

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Dro Jackson Says:

    ps. shots fired @ The Game, Jaz-O, Dame Dash and Jim Jones

    “You only get half a bar, fuck y’all niggas…”

  5. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    Everyone chasing Trent Rezner’s business model. It’s comical to still see rappers acting like their getting paid putting out CDs and free mixtapes no one’s asking for. If you have no tour dates on your Myspace, your not making anything in the “Rap Game” at this point. (Btw, good to see Maino and Ace Hood FLOPPING so badly! Ha! Ha!)

  6. Jhillz Says:

    This EP is fuckig ill, Slug and Ant bring that real shit once again….MINNESOTA STAND UP!!!!!

  7. Effit Says:

    Hey Daddy-Bariqua. Know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth. Atmosphere has probably toured more than any other hip hop group in existence today… and that’s without exaggerating. If you could see Slug and Ant’s bank account balances (not that I have), you would be very, very surprised.

  8. scawty scawty Says:

    new link por favor!

  9. fuck! Says:

    new fuckin link!

  10. Hamza21 Says:

    the link is dead reup!!!

  11. WeRLd Says:

    shits wack

  12. WeRLd Says:

    just like “when life gives you lemons”

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