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Video: Styles P Talks Eating Healthy @ Fruits of Life Juice Bar

“They make too many chickens, they gotta be cloning them. There’s no way they can make that many chickens. No way. Everybody you know eat chicken. If there was that many chickens, you’d be grabbing them off the ground. [Laughs] Think about it.”

Anyway, if you want a more serious look at food, I saw this documentary the other day that I highly recommend called Food, Inc (In theaters now, DVD coming in September.)

It’s about the nasty side of big business’ food manufacturing. Trailer after the jump.

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5 Responses to “Video: Styles P Talks Eating Healthy @ Fruits of Life Juice Bar”

  1. Juju757 Says:

    FREE MAX B.!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  2. Ya'Homeslice Says:

    There’s also one called meats.org check that out as well, you just might become a vegartarian after watching it…

  3. lea Says:

    i heard of this! would like to see the DVD!

  4. icanhazmangu Says:

    YouTube “meet your meat”

  5. spirit equality Says:

    that was a pretty cool trailer.

    i think i’ll go check this out monday after work. got family visiting for “your ancestors were still a slave while the pale rich guys were declaring their independence” day.

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