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Video: Killer Mike Not Impressed By Others’ Attempts To Bring Back Hardcore Hip-Hop

50 Cent says he wants to bring hardcore rap back to the forefront, and we know the sentiments Jay-Z expressed in “D.O.A.” Killer Mike says he’s not impressed. He’s been keeping it street.

“I don’t wanna hear none of that bullshit from none of the niggas,” Mike said. “I dropped I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II last year. If you wanna hear hardcore hip-hop, go to the store, go get I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II. You can listen from the first Biggie sample to the last song on the album, ‘Good-Bye,’ it’s hardcore hip-hop. I don’t wanna hear that bullshit, these niggas who got millions of dollars talking about bringing shit back. They ain’t bringing shit back. It’s here — you looking at it.

“Buy me,” he continued. “When that Killer Mike drops, hardcore hip-hop will be back for the second, third time. You know, the same guy that said ‘rap is dead’ three years before Nas said it. I’m here. Fuck with me. Jay dropped ‘D.O.A.’ and everybody went crazy. And I love Jay. A week before that, I dropped ‘Man Up.’ Go listen to that song and go listen to ‘D.O.A.’ ”

Killer Kill, who recently struck a partnership with T.I. and Grand Hustle Entertainment, is dropping a compilation of all the ATL underground MCs this summer.

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14 Responses to “Video: Killer Mike Not Impressed By Others’ Attempts To Bring Back Hardcore Hip-Hop”

  1. Rob Says:

    LOL at the Cow background while he’s talking about hardcore hiphop

  2. sleep AKA Bernie Madoff aint a snitch Says:

    You niggas go to miami july 4th and call that vacation. I go to a exotic carribean island 2-3 times a year and that’s vacation. You niggas getting lapped catch up. But don’t go in debt trying to keep up with sleep.

    Killer mike “man up”»»jay-z”DOA”

    This nigga aint hard I’m big as his bodygaurd(c)killer mike”man up”

    Their voice too light their clothes too bright a bunch of skinny niggas dressed like dykes(c)killer mike “man up”

  3. The DMV Blog Bully Says:

    tired of hearing about “bringing hardcore hip hop back” just make music and shut the fuck up.

  4. 4real Says:

    Its about the good music…not hardcore hip hop! All this bringing hardcore hip hop back is just WHACK! Hip hop is more than hardcore…it use to have substance and now no one is a lyricist…they just worried about swagger and hooks…we need the lyrics to be of substance! Hardcore is not the direction hip hop needs right now! We need artist to step their lyrical game up…its only a few who can do that! We all know who they are!? But the audience has to be accepting of a real lyricist…in order for that to happen! Less talk about girls and swagger and more talk about what’s real…and you dont have to be hardcore to do that….just bring the lyrical HEAT…that good music!

  5. Aggressive Content Says:

    “…wanna use your lines *word* all ahead of time before you even get a chance to shine on your own shit”

    “…they hear you say one word and then hear they come with the word trying to flip it and bounce it and shit on some bullshit”

  6. B.Payton Says:

    I fucks wit Mike’s shit forreal. He not lyin, last summer I kept his album in rotation. Pressure is fuckin crazy. Two sides. I understand what he sayin and Im glad he pointed it out that gangsta shit, while rare in its presence in hip hop recently, has always been there.

    I also like how Jay pointed out that niggas colors is too bright. I didnt know mike said that before tho. Ima have to check out Man Up.

  7. Teddy Says:

    just listened to man up damn did jay just bite killer mike

  8. thaTruf Says:

    killer mike schools the industry.. again.. he is the north’s worst nightmare, a southern mc who destroys the mic, leaving all their “all atl music is wack” arguments null and void.

  9. The Party Killa Says:

    Mike had the best album outta ATL last year……WORD!!

  10. The Blunt Technician Says:

    we’d go check out the album, mikey… that is if you weren’t.. how do you say in english…. gaRbage?

  11. Just X Says:

    He just sounds upset that no one is buying his album. I guess begging works too…

  12. prophecy_projectz Says:

    There’s a reason why people listen to Nas and Jay-Z when they talk about Hip Hop being Dead or killing Autotune instead of you Killer Mike…..

    Its cause they’re Jay and Nas, and you’re Killer Mike….

  13. spirit equality Says:

    killer mike is a harder rapper than jay and 50 put together, but hey who wants actual hardcore hip-hop when you can have a guy who sings most of his hooks and some guy who has ruined the careers of every artist on his label not named kanye try to be hardcore. SMH.

    50 should try to bring back his label instead of trying to bring back hardcore hip-hop

    jay can bring back beanie sigel’s career and he’d do more for hardcore hip-hop that way than he could with 100 D.O.A.’s

  14. spirit equality Says:

    side note: special LOL @ 50 saying he’ll bring back hardcore hip-hop when he shelved MOP.

    MOP ***is*** hardcore hip-hop, you moron.

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