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Video: Fabolous Interview w/ ThisIsCurtis

Fabolous talks about Loso’s Way‘s inspiration, his website, wanting to work with Lloyd Banks, opinion on Jay-Z’s D.O.A., and more.

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6 Responses to “Video: Fabolous Interview w/ ThisIsCurtis”

  1. renato Says:

    I wonder if Eskay asked Dre to post this, lol big homie really hates 50 for the dipset break up, i guess….


    funny how 50 and soulja boy are probably hated equally by nah and hip hop heads, YET i respect them the most out of all these rappers for their hustle, business minds and sensible real-life talk – especially soulja boy because he’s only 18.

    ironically they’re role models for kids – word to their entrepeneurism.


  3. JDre Says:

    fab is under rated like a mother his rhyme game crazy..

  4. Seth Gueko Says:

    top three punchliners
    top five punchliners

  5. FRANCOIS Says:

    an album based on carlitos way??? hmmmmm. no other artist has done that for a significant portion of his career. in fact, i think loso shoud get this kid named “pain in the ass” to do skits on the album…where he sounds and talks like carlitos. he could say things like “someone is pulling to me the ground” or “i reloaded.”

    why cant these cats just be like, “im going to talk about the same shit i been talking about for the last three or four albums, except, that i think this time around, i do a much better job at it.” but shit has to be marketed.

    either way, i fukcs with Loso

  6. lea Says:

    wasnt Fab on Hunger for More!

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