Video: Inverse – So Far

Brand new video from the homie Tunji and his partner Toby off their 2008 project So Far (The Collection), which will be re-released by QN5 next Tuesday.

Says Tunji:

The video was directed by Donlee Brussel and the song was produced by my good friend Oren Yoel, who also helmed most of Asher Roth’s album. The video and song also feature hip hop violinist Paul Dateh. We shot the clip guerilla-style in two days last winter, traveling all over LA (Malibu, Hollywood, the Metro, Santa Monica, etc.).

The clip also happens to be up MTVu’s Freshmen contest, so if you fuck with it, be sure to go vote.

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7 Responses to “Video: Inverse – So Far”

  1. FaMs! Says:

    WEEDS is almost good as THE WIRE season 2,3,4,5


  2. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    You wanna front WHAT?? Jump up and get bucked

    99.9 Percent of these niggas ain’t shit
    And most of these niggas suck dick

  3. BARPAN Says:


  4. ThisDude Says:

    Toby looks like a grown Ralphie of “A Christmas Story”…haha.

  5. ThatDude Says:

    i got da white boi round tha corner

  6. Adnan Says:

    does anyone know were to get this beat?..Just askin

  7. ex-slave Says:

    I like these guys alot. I personally would have shot a video for Everything is Beautiful or Hip-Hop Soul. A solid street album- The Collection. I wish them well and I’ll be supporting.

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