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50 Cent – Suicide Watch (Biggie Sample)


50 Cent – Suicide Watch

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23 Responses to “50 Cent – Suicide Watch (Biggie Sample)”

  1. D_Block_4_life AKA heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:

    O-k O-k Fifty Cent. This is toughhh

  2. The DMV Blog Bully Says:

    ay dre, you know whassup with that Wale Zune contest?

  3. Mag Says:

    Jeans too tight; colors too bright

  4. D_Block_4_life AKA heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:

    This is definitely shaping up to be better then War Angel….we will just have to see…

  5. Mag Says:

    No lie I’ve never seen someone with a zune.

  6. Smear Says:

    Yo Sleep, where you at? you were supposed to send me that S.Carter tape and I get the “I Miss You” remix w/Aaliyah instead. WTF? you trying to tell me something bru? lol

    yep fifty did good on this…. I’m still suprised he hasn’t been chewed out by all and sundry for addin his vocals to a classic BIG track though.

  7. Harlem World Says:

    50 cent over cigar music would be crackcokepiff.

  8. FRANCOIS Says:

    fif is putting in that work right now. in my humble opinion, i think that as a genuine artist, he is under rated. he has mad flows, he can put it down with them grimey ass lyrics, and his choice of production is solid; he rhymes over nice loops and rugged beats. i know that he calls cats out, for a media buzz/controversy, but also because he is always trying to get cats to step up their game. after all, the culture is built on a foundation of celabratory competition.

  9. hey5teve Says:

    8 comments, no hate? Can Dre and eskay finally see BISD is gonna be serious?? And everyone needs to cool out.. War angel was the shit!!!

  10. FRANCOIS Says:

    war angel is the shit!!! Dre and Eskay, what dont you like, if anything, about fif’s latest attempts ? [i’m just asking out of mere curiosity, without any beef or hater fukcery]

  11. Stryfe Says:

    “Nigga switch up your flow your shit is garbage” (c) HOV

  12. JDre Says:

    This shit goes hard (pause)

  13. lea Says:

    good but his voice doesn’t have that same prowess as BIG! im waiting on this and Sincerely Yours 2!

  14. veraci0us Says:

    50 goin hard [ll] yo strictly vagina tho.. 4 tracks deep already this forever king mixtape is better than most of ur favourite rappers albums..

  15. Wu-Hiero Says:

    Besides the obvious Biggie sample…the instrumental is from Del tha Funkee Homospaien’s “Deltron 3030” album…the track is called “Love Story”


  16. PapaMo Says:

    This is the best 50 ive heard since the beginning of the decade

  17. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Ole Skeletor looking azz ninja

  18. Tmurphy Says:

    dammmnnnnnnnn fif ok

  19. Slightbias Says:


  20. Camelot Says:

    “Gangstas can’t do the stanky leg. What’s next? You gon be droppin it low like a stripper??!!!!”

    ^^^The realest shit 50 said all week

  21. deltron Says:

    del the funkee homosapien used that sample a while back.. HIERO!

  22. Hey5teve Says:

    Still no hate??? Dre???? Eskay????? You two alive??? Maybe they’ve been put on suicide watch for the last 2 years of fif hate…

  23. MisUnderStood Says:

    The only way they hated was by posting this sone and adding 30 posts right after! This shit is CRAZY!

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