Video: N*E*R*D at Glastonbury

We went over the set time at this point and the power was cut during the 1st verse (that’s when the crowd starting booing) Anyways the band bossed up and kept playing, and the crowd kept singing…u CANT STOP N*E*R*D for shit!!

Link: N.E.R.D. get the plug pulled on them at Glastonbury [NME]

200,000 people attended the festival this year and i think half of em were at NERD’s show…

100,000 spazzin’ out!! get yer hands up side to sideeee

a snippet of brain

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4 Responses to “Video: N*E*R*D at Glastonbury”

  1. HoodInternet Says:

    i see shae gotta dumskeme shirt!

  2. Nut$ Says:

    First fam, and NERD is pretty dope live I must admit.

  3. Boris Says:

    Can’t find the Q-Tip performance, anyone seen it?

  4. [Concert Footagep] N.E.R.D @ Glastonbury | !ll Yeah Says:

    […] Via: NahRight […]

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