Video: Curtis’ Thoughts on Drake’s Buzz

I wouldn’t use the word jealousy here, but he certainly does sound mad that Interscope didn’t put up 2 mill for him.

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62 Responses to “Video: Curtis’ Thoughts on Drake’s Buzz”

  1. rrahha Says:

    actually 50 started that “big money” signing bonus thing…the only reason that they are giving them out is because fif made good on his. he got a cool mil and that was more than anyone at that time.

  2. DaStreets Says:

    I also doubt that 50 is jealous…you have to admit that you hear drake’s record a bit much for an artist who still has no deal…may be the wayne cosign or the label push behind the seens but u have to be smoking if you think that records get played on the radio without some paper being exchnaged…

    why do you think radio is the way it is now…labels push the records who will bring in that ring tone money…artists who had no problem getting spins just a year ago can’t get love now a days…trust me on this..taste don’t change that quick

  3. HipHopSince1989 Says:

    to 50 Cent:”u maaaad???!!!” and while Curtis mite b right about Drake’s buzz not bein 100% organic, that still doesnt excuse him for hatin on an upcoming MC who’s talent by far outshines any of his freshman brethren as well as many established artists…If 50 does feel that way, he shouldn’t have said it on camera, it makes him look bitter and very jealous…and jealousy=weakness…Curtis, u mite win some, but u just lost one…

  4. JDre Says:

    thats not hate payola is a mother fkr all hes saying is that the label is getting him spins to lure him to sign with them… if hes telling the truth can it be called hate? or calling a spade a spade?

  5. Aggressive Content Says:

    I think 50 and a lot of you are forgetting that in the beginning “aggressive content” prevented 50 from getting spins on the radio.

    Think about the first 50 records getting spins…..Problem Child/How To Rob. That’s NOT going to get play on the POP/R&B stations, nor is it going to pop up on the R&B/Hip-Hop stations before 9PM. Let’s not forget the individuals he pissed off with “How To Rob”, who for sure did what they could to stop 50’s movement.

    Fast forward to when In The Club dropped he NOW had a record that could play on ANY POP/R&B station WHENEVER and he had co-signs from Dr Dre and Eminem.

    Drake lost points with me for reading off his blackberry on Flex’s show, but to myself he makes up for that elsewhere with how well rounded he is in his collaboration and the skill he shows in his craft. As an MC Drake is certified, and I feel like that’s undeniable, regardless of your preference in content.

  6. Flid-die Says:

    50 is right. U can say he an ahoel, he mad, but u can’t leave out what he said. it’s fact

    Why is it fact, cause 50 said it? People always conufuse the fact that 50 CAN articulate his point with his point being valid. This nigga DRAKE is touring, TOURING off a mixtape. 50 was doing shows in the Tri State when he was buzzing.

    It’s about trends, timing & public taste (which changes every few years). 50 WAS the hot dude, for a min. But it’s this kid Drake’s time now. I saw the nigga in the same venue I’ve seen Nas, Common, T.I. etc. and he sold it out off a mixtape. 50 is the past and it’s only a matter of time before he goes at yo. Who’ll burn his ass up lyrically. Trust.

  7. DaStreets Says:

    FYI…50 was also touring off of a mixtape back in the day..if memory serves me correct he was the first artist to do that…

    like someone else said..drake has not achieved 1/3 of what 50 has achieved..I admit he has a buzz …..I will leave it at that

  8. Luvzones Says:

    I don’t think 50 is hatin on Drake he is just saying what he thinks. Not to take anything away form Drake but there are alot MC’s out there that can spit better than him and they will never get this type of BUZZ. Money talks and U better believe that Drake been having money, plus the exposer he has had with Degrassi has helped alot. 50 never had that.

  9. Rico Says:

    I sense alil jealousy/hate from nahright.. 50 just stating his opinion and infact we all know 50 is a good business man he knows what hes talking about. 50’s buzz when he came out was goldy (no blasphy )

  10. fuzz e. Says:

    alright guys…I am a die hard hip hop fan…i heard drake’s first two mixtapes and thats why i say that boy can rhyme his ass off. I was paying attn to this kid way before the best i ever had ish. don’t get mad at the hype. he just figured out how to work the industry…his having been an actor is irrelevant. he can rhyme…thats all that matters.

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