Audio: Eminem Interview on Shade45

He speaks on Relapse 2 and the Voodoo Festival Show. Spotted at X’s.

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9 Responses to “Audio: Eminem Interview on Shade45”




    I can’t play my Fight Night.

    I can’t do it.

  3. Yung Che Says:

    This guy said he couldn’t wait for balls in his face… pause.

  4. Voltron Says:

    Thriller > Reasonable Doubt


    Stupidest comment of all time.


    MJ was Muslim before he died. His brother Jermaine brought him in, alhamdulillah. In Jermaine’s press conference he sais “May Allah be with you”. Mashallah.

    I been away for a while, in the studio 24/7 but just checkin in on this day.
    Nearly cried 10 times or so… people keep playing Man In The Mirror and You Are Not Alone!! Stop! Have a brother weeping…


    I had to hold myself together in class today and I still am.

    I know it’s going to get to me. . . sooner or later.

  6. Voltron Says:

    Ok. Here we go. First official tear…

  7. syecapsys Says:

    I have every eminem album, but Encore and Relapse were both a waste of my money, I will never buy another Eminem album.

    Since when does getting tea bagged help a rapper sell records, I just think eminem finally got over it and he’s trying to lessen the effect of it so he doesn’t lose whatever street cred he has.

  8. lea Says:

    i forgot MJ was a Muslim hes been for quite some time now tho.

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