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Will Roush – Know My Name (Mixtape)

Tracklist and link after the jumpoff.

1- Intro: Will Meets Biggie
2- What I Gotta Do Dilla (produced by J Dilla)
3- 21st Birthday (produced by Young Lord)
4- Been A Long Time ft. Stat Quo (produced by Traxamillion)
5- Higher
6- Take It Back
7- Skit: Will Meets DJ Jazzy Jeff (Philly 1987)
8- Parents Just Don’t Understand
9- Know The Ledge
10- Feels So Good ft. Brian Barnett
11- Goin On My Way
12- Intergalactic
13- Skit: Will Calls The Notorious B.I.G. for Help
14- Kingdom Roush
15- Hypnotized
16- 1 of a Kind (produced by Dub Z)
17- Outro: Biggie Sends Will Off On Hip-Hop History Test
18- BONUS: Know My Name (produced by DJ Khalil)

Link: Will Roush – Know My Name

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13 Responses to “Will Roush – Know My Name (Mixtape)”

  1. Michael Says:

    Who’s the cracker?

  2. wiiilson Says:

    Aint this the guy from the SuperBad movies and Pinapple Express movie? Dude is funny

  3. Michael Says:

    I think it is. He’s comedy.

  4. @rt-o-matic Says:

    JONAH HILL!! can’t wait for the MCclovin shit to drop….

  5. @rt-o-matic Says:


  6. Slim Says:

    John Goodman?

  7. @rt-o-matic Says:

    My next door neighbor??!!

  8. Wizzard Says:

    wonder how much this kid’s dad paid to make this mixtape happen

  9. Carlito149 Says:

    so wats da verdict on dis kid?

  10. dockevoc Says:

    I don’t know who the fuck this dude is but he SURE AS SHIT SHOULD NOT HAVE SCARFACE ON HIS COVER – ….bad, bad, bad

  11. Black Bully of Billyburg The Lurker Says:

    This dude is rap skills is gahbij !!! I supported y’all thru tha payola scandal but y’all stay postin this dude’s shit like he’s dope … are y’all gettin a Will Roush check ? cuz thatz the ONLY explanation I can see LOL

  12. Gus VANZ Says:

    Seth Rogen is a terrible rapper

  13. dangerdoom Says:

    Is that cover throwing shots at 2Pac? what a bird

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