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Video: KiD Cudi on MTV’s The 5

Five things you never knew about Kid Cudi.

Previously: Wale on The 5

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8 Responses to “Video: KiD Cudi on MTV’s The 5”

  1. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    i havent listened to the Wale yet

  2. Big_seth Says:


    Hopefully this one is still up.


    That wale tape is dope.

    Wordplay w/ currensy is probably the best song on it & it’s first though.

  3. Mateo Says:

    od old

  4. Big_seth Says:

    This is the… this is the elevator music

    all we do is ride around & get high to it.

  5. Big_seth Says:

    Fux if that link don’t work, hit up my email or twitter

    Peace folks

  6. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    As for his role in coaching the World University Games for USA Basketball, Ryan told me that he is teaching the team a zone defense, even though he said he has never played a single possession of zone in his coaching career. “I was advised that if you’re playing in these international games, and the other team scores on three or four straight possessions, sometimes you’ve got to go zone just to switch things up,” Ryan said. “Pete Gillen once told me that the idea is to play chess while the other guy is playing checkers. So that’s what I’m trying to do.”
    lmao at the tired chess not checkers ish.

    Thanks Seth

  7. November End formly known as Tyson the WOAT Says:

    Video: KiD Cudi on MTV’s The 5
    i thought that headline said MTV’s Top 5, for a moment i was bout to lose my GD mind

  8. E.J. Says:

    kid cudi is mad chill. not that many people bump tenacious d but that band is fuckin crazy… in a good way

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