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Video: Charles Hamilton on The Internet, Soulja Boy, Jay-Z

More verbal diarrhea from Chucky Ham.

Previously: Charles Hamilton Speaks on Asher Roth, B.o.B. & Blu

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21 Responses to “Video: Charles Hamilton on The Internet, Soulja Boy, Jay-Z”

  1. Nestle Snipes Says:

    this nigger is trash

  2. Hoskins Says:

    The only rapper Soulja Boy succesfully ethered

  3. idighiphop Says:

    hes just trying to sound different then anybody else. idiot! learn how to speak (coming from an immigrant).

  4. iLL Answer Says:

    he’s got a point…but he said it very ignorant…

  5. lea Says:

    SB only ethered him because of his money lyrics and words. SB cant ether anyone with pure hip hop lyrics! CH is losing his steam….hes beginning to get on my nerve!

  6. RODDYROD Says:

    Stretch & Bobitto was on the air only on Thursdays, 1 to 5am, NOT sundays. Get ya facts correct, cause U was only 11 when they stopped the show.

  7. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    ^ “beginning”?

  8. yoyoma Says:

    yo. just as bad that i watched this and am replying, but why not just cut this n*gga off?

  9. ash Says:

    seriously, dude sounds like he’s jus sayin whatever the fuck flies into his head next. think then speak.

  10. KJ881 Says:

    Lmao…. this dude was real in “THIS” interview… all yall just came across pretty hateful LMAO…..

  11. Rebel2Society Says:

    I’ll be the first to say that CH doesn’t always think things through. With that said dude can rap, and his music (beats) are extremely refreshing. Find someone else that sounds like him. He’s bringing a lot of positives to hip hop I think people should focus more on the music in EVERY artists’ case.

  12. JoMoses Says:

    Wheres the album?

  13. jjustin Says:

    Fuck him……………. just do you charles…………. leave it up 2 da ppl………apparently mainstream music ain’t feeling your shit……………….. but iappericate what you tryna do with music………. I liked ubetter when I didn’t hear your interviews

  14. Cure Eclipse Says:

    This isn’t a bad interview, imo. I’ve heard Charles say way more off the wall things. But come on mayne.. The fucking Killers? They’re considered a joke to real alternative acts, much like Souljah to hip-hop.

  15. LT Says:

    Ok Charles, do a song with the Killers, put it on the internet, and see if anyone will care. I won’t. I recently started watching more Charles Hamilton interviews after i saw the girl punch him in his mouth.

  16. FRANCOIS Says:

    this kid is all fucked up in the head. he is just out right annoying now and its sad because he has skills. he should just talk when there is a beat playing. when he tries to be insightful outof the studio, he just sounds more retarded. but as retarded as he sounds, he got our attention and time via these posts [but then again, how can one not say something as the diareah just spews from his mouth?]

  17. Talidramm Says:

    Stop wasting your bandwith on this kid



  19. Pacodatharlembaby Says:

    yo like real shyt if yall just actually listen 2 dude instead of already havin a biased opinion about him so no matta wat he say it sound it stupid u realize this nigga sayin just real shyt im feelin wat he sayin cuz i been sayin 4 a good min stop comin 2 hate spread the love b happy there sumbody out there who aint rappin bout popin pistols n sellin crack i fucks wit sonic the hamilton

  20. DJ BLACK Says:

    If you don’t like or get CH , Kill yourself. You are hurting the world for more reasons than this type of shit.

  21. DJ BLACK Says:

    @Cure Eclipse , get a clue. Alt Heads fuck with The killers.

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