Video: Lil Wayne, Drake & Mack Maine – Every Girl (Live in Chicago)

Footage from Michael Jordan’s son’s birthday party. The audio isn’t that good, but the visuals are dope and the live version of the song sounds pretty good too. Spotted at ATF.

Related: Young Money – Every Girl (prod. Tha Bizness) is now on iTunes

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10 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne, Drake & Mack Maine – Every Girl (Live in Chicago)”

  1. CheezyDoDo Says:

    Drake Be lookin so cheesy anytime he with weezy

    Young Money about to take over !!!!

    Wayne putting his niggas on something serious

  2. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    Where is Nikki ?

  3. Dre Says:

    But I sent it to ATF so should I get some credit too…

  4. OK Says:

    1:39 – chick pulls out her tities

  5. De la Says:

    damn its like 99% hoes i guess my invitation was lot in the mail

  6. NOLAIS504(UPTOWN) Says:

    i saw titties yall!

  7. Secondbest21 Says:

    I envy those not watching this on iPhone like I am. Can’t see no tittays! I think I’m going to have to D-Bo this girl’s laptop over here and check it out. or maybe u should just check her knobs. Hmmmmm…

  8. Andrew Barber Says:

    I actually heard about this party, but I didn’t get the invite. Treated. Remember, I met you kids at the Notorious premiere. Stop frontin’ on FSD!

  9. matt Says:

    that ish was live

  10. KiD Supreme Says:

    haha i was at this party, shit cracked!!!
    nothing like performing w/ autotune

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