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Video: Lady Gaga Covers “Heartless” in Toronto

Footage courtesy of GagaFrontRow. Spotted at Kanye’s blog.

Sidebar: Roffle at what Wale said at the end of the Jean Grae song.

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4 Responses to “Video: Lady Gaga Covers “Heartless” in Toronto”

  1. chea Says:

    we are lasers

  2. chea Says:

    i am in love with this crazy broad

  3. REL Says:

    is it me or am i the ONLY 1 thaT THINKS KANYE IS BEATIN GAGA’S PUSSY!!?? jus a thought

  4. Interstate P Says:

    I effs with Lady GaGa on the sheer strength of her originality. The cover was cool, but on a side note, that is definitely one of the dopest pianos I’ve ever seen in my life…straight up, lol

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