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Video: 50 Cent – OK, You’re Right (Behind The Scenes)

I’ve been anticipating this video since I read this. I’m all for artistic videos.

The vid, directed by Dan The Man and Chris “Broadway” Romero, is inspired by the award-winning Phillips “Carousel” commercial, directed by Adam Berg, which depicts a single-shot frozen-in-time robbery and ensuing shootout between clowns and cops.

“50’s in a clown mask and he’s part of this robbery crew,” revealed Broadway of the video’s treatment. “Mixed with our crazy club performance, the whole concept is you have this crazy record and club performance and it trips back and you’re showing that [50] never really left. New York is here and it’s represented well on this record, but on top of that there’s this subplot with the whole clown situation.”

“We actually have a partnership with Phillips where they gave us the rights to take this commercial,” he added. “It was kinda underexposed. They made a great piece but maybe didn’t know how to use it that well so we took it and we just taking it way over the hill with a smash record at the same time and the biggest hip-hop artist on the planet.”

Hot 97 listeners were also given the opportunity to be a part of the action, with 150 contest winners getting cameos in the clip.


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9 Responses to “Video: 50 Cent – OK, You’re Right (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. Hey5teve Says:

    He should have worn a suit by a pool while everyone else wore pool attire… And had the dream dance next to him in the gayest outfits ever..

  2. Hey5teve Says:

    before the hate shows up.. This is gonna be great.. Or maybe he should have worn a suit by a pool while everyone else wore pool attire… And had the dream dance next to him in the gayest outfits ever..

  3. TheRealProtege Says:

    first time callerrrrr long time listener. …..ok your riiiight


  4. Yong Says:

    Damn shorty in pink can get it no lie
    in other news drake was seen eating a hamburger at wendys
    the burger just got a deal

  5. APES IN SPACE Says:


  6. Kambani Says:

    Didnt dan the man say he was not ever gonna work with fif anymore? I guess money talks huh every man has hes price. Chris broadway better find ways to make thisiscurtis.com more relevznt instead of always waiting for the boss to do something to get the site more traction and traffic…cmon man u could shoot a little weekly segment about upcoming talent be it rnb pop or rap…fellas got chances to be innovative yet they just sit on they ass collecting skid marks…anyway 50 cent is my favorite rapper alive so im just spreading alittle tough love ya dig. Eskay got explaning to do coz he stays hating on the unit…only he knows what went down in his past with xxl when fif literally ran the magazine cover space…

  7. Kambani Says:

    …download the war angel and maybe u can still get a chance to twitter that…eskay tell em about cream 2009..lets go back to rap people..fuck that lollipop type records u mohawk wearing fish sticks. Ay plus eskay tell lupe hes record sounds like lollipop jus pay attention..dude got mad hes record leaked as though its a hit record…what u should do lupe is swallow that bar soap sized pill that ur retirement aint soon ha..thank the lord regarding that fact coz lupe is hella talented…we still need him in the game…

  8. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    This song isnt halfbad neitha mayb a video will make it legit

  9. ian Says:

    sure it will be dope

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