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Video: U-God Talks Crack & Rhymes

Wu Tang’s own U God sat down with iHipHop to discuss his upcoming album, “Dopium”, dropping this Tuesday. The commercialization of crack, lack of hard body music, and why “Dopium” is ‘like a new drug’ were some of the topics discussed. U God is sure to remind us us that hardcore 90’s rap should be one of our priorities.

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6 Responses to “Video: U-God Talks Crack & Rhymes”

  1. bnot Says:

    this guy’s a fucking joker

  2. DeHere Says:

    alright, a U-God interview….not a lot goin on today huh?

  3. dockevoc Says:

    Gamble when I scramble carry hot pots of oil!

  4. donkilluminati Says:

    u god > lil wayne

  5. bnot Says:

    u god > lil wayne


  6. nunya bizness Says:

    “Those press on hupcaps is not the truth!” Pick it up. Support Uey!!!!!!!!

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