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Video: TahiryTV – My First Benz

Essentially a JBTV; Joey’s doing the commentary/camerawork.

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15 Responses to “Video: TahiryTV – My First Benz”

  1. Kell-El Says:

    *Remembers my first Honda Civic*

  2. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    Thats great for them. Joe’s a real nigga man. Y’all can save all that “wifein a slut, trickin on a slide” shit. Like ya lame corny ass is with a beautiful virgin with a fat ass or some shit… (no such thing)

  3. Gutta Says:

    slowly but surely… **losing my grip** (pause)

  4. Ummmmm Says:

    Happy for them. They not making Jay-Z and Beyonce money but they seem happy and they’re enjoying life. Nothing wrong with that

  5. ehunt330 Says:

    its sad the biggest star in slaughter house is tahiry… when she decides she can be a STAR watch out joey cuz shes gone …… then what 4 yall lol

  6. Sean Says:

    SLK? Wow, really? Leasing? Financing? YO Joe! Meths wifey is pushing a S550. Big body shit!

  7. JoMoses Says:

    Smh at this being noteworthy..

  8. nj Says:

    yo thats the benzel busc

  9. nj Says:

    yo thats the benzel busch right near me
    joeys reppin nj for real
    keep doin yo thign

  10. smizzortiz Says:

    only a matter of time til they break up i bet it won’t last the summer

  11. cocontaso Says:

    nazi sled

  12. Seth Gueko Says:

    budden is rich
    dude has a platinium hit, a gold album and some mixtapes goods
    no doubt

  13. ererew Says:

    nazi sled


    ’nuff said.

  14. 609 Says:

    wake me up with this nigga does somethin relevant to hip hop* (his boring monotonous flow not included)

  15. killakate Says:

    ^You clearly don’t know shit.

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