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Video: Brand Nubian Discuss One For All

Really cool discussion, check out Classic Rhymes’ write up here.

Props to Grandgood.

Bonus: Grand Puba feat. Large Pro – Same Old Drama [via Unkut.com]

Related: Grand Puba x Lord Jamar Talk Golden Era Studio Days | Part 2

Also: Sadat X – One For All ’08

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7 Responses to “Video: Brand Nubian Discuss One For All

  1. Hoskins Says:

    I think Wale swaggerjacked Jcole by releasing his mixtape so soon after. Bttf>>>>>the warm up

  2. FaMs! Says:

    How the fuck did WALE find a way to waste LRG’s money on over 30 features and 9th Wonder A GAME beats?….Wale FAILED

    …..1 1/2 Pandas

  3. Like Short Sleeves, I Bear Arms Says:

    I just finished listening to the Bun B joint and there hasn’t really been many weak joints on here

  4. sleep to D_block use-a hunky Says:

    I haven’t been to a club/lounge since I fell in love. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing,but its fact.

  5. chea Says:

    these cats old enuf to be eskay’s dad

  6. Bryan R. Adams Says:

    When this joint came, I tortured my office mates by playing it nonstop. I wore the cassette out. Ninety-one was one of those real good years in hiphop, where albums were good fromstart to finish. Tribe’s Low End Theory, De La Is Dead, Cypress Hill and Brand Nubian were just a few from that year.

  7. 88-Keys Says:

    Dope interview. I remember buying the cassette then buying the CD (once I found out about the bonus song). This is an awesome album from start to finish. Thanks Nation. I think I’ll play this tonight before I call it quits but for now… I’m diggin’.

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