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Harry O feat. Ron Browz & Mase – Uptown Boy (Remix)


Where’s Mase?

Harry O feat. Ron Browz & Mase – Uptown Boy (Remix) [via Splash]

I’m in the whip pedal smashing/Mase went to Church, settled down, imagine it/Who me? Devil’s Advocate…KILLA!

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24 Responses to “Harry O feat. Ron Browz & Mase – Uptown Boy (Remix)”

  1. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    Mase got a young face he got a lot of swagger (c)Sean COonery

  2. baby jesus Says:

    no way
    dat chu beffa?

  3. Like Short Sleeves, I Bear Arms Says:

    “Mase ain’t worth $2 million dollars with $2 million dollars in his pocket” (c) Fiddy

  4. PW Says:

    I dont get the pic…explain for the slow ones among us.

  5. Eastern_Digital Says:

    i just wanna know what happened to Mase? I just want him to know rock them jewels, flash that chrome, it’s all good you can come back home, if you want


  6. Like Short Sleeves, I Bear Arms Says:

    its a photograph of Harlem, persumably during the mob era, but I could be wrong

  7. Like Short Sleeves, I Bear Arms Says:

    g’looks on the old school Dipset free, I remember this joint from some old tape from back in the day, its sad to how much Juelz’ whole style has changed

  8. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Now everybody welcomin this, welcomin that, he wasnt welcomed in the first place, hwo we welcome him back? (c) Juelz

  9. Eastern_Digital Says:

    that freestyle is dope.

    “chain 60 inches, hoola-hoop with my pendant” KILLA!

  10. Belize Says:

    ayo fux..can u send me that lazer album?

  11. Eastern_Digital Says:

    ’00 Juelz was a KONY prospect…today? not so much.

  12. Belize Says:

    ma$e still got a cool flow…even if he suspect

  13. Like Short Sleeves, I Bear Arms Says:

    Juelz actually dropped a fairly decent debut too, but now, I don’t even know if I would sit through one of his entire albums, What The Game’s Been Missing has not held up well

  14. Belize Says:


  15. Eastern_Digital Says:

    i’m still bumpin BLCC 2 to this day.

    btw: How I Feel >>>>>>>

  16. Like Short Sleeves, I Bear Arms Says:

    those tapes had some decent ones, I still have the free from the first one where he went in on a Kris Kross instro

  17. lan Says:

    you all are pretty dumb for people that spend all day on the internet (c)

    also see: A great day in hip hop.

  18. November End formly known as Tyson the WOAT Says:

    PW Says:

    June 19th, 2009 at 6:32 pm
    I dont get the pic…explain for the slow ones among us
    maybe a choir or church service

  19. Joe Canadian Says:

    He’s been in Canada you fools, what you know aboot that Eskay?

  20. Anus Smell Says:

    Welcome Back Mase!

  21. nonwithstanding evidence Says:

    that photo>>>>>anything any of these artists listed in the topic will ever amount to in their lifetimes.

    ppl who don’t know: learn about jazz, and how that swept new york like hip-hop has in our/my generation. Look up “a great day in harlem” in wiki i bet, and this photo will pop up proally.

    From what I know its the only all-encompassing shot of every jazz-major player of the day- in the history of jazz for that matter. Everybody showed up that morning for the picture, charlie parker, thelonious monk, dizzy gilespie, you heard of em and theyre probably up there…..

    it was shot in harlem btw.

    i have no interest in the song posted, however.

    great photo.

  22. Emoneybags Says:

    IS MASE BACK!???

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