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Video: Q-Tip In Chicago

Spotted at FakeShoreDrive

Previously: Q-Tip Honored @ OSS Producers Conference (Video)

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22 Responses to “Video: Q-Tip In Chicago”

  1. We Are Lasers Says:


  2. herbal kint Says:

    isn’t playing try and keep up with the posts anymore


  3. We Are Lasers Says:

    *growly andrew barber white boy voice*


  4. Johnathan Osterman Says:

    subject matter > swagger + skill etc.

    thats the first thing i give respect for.


    What are you on about?


    So you think BOBS > Cuban Linx cos they’re rapping about coke too…?

  5. We Are Lasers Says:



    andrew barber

  6. Johnathan Osterman Says:

    Reasonable Doubt > BOBS

    And I was part of BOBS’ promo team…but c’mon b

  7. D_block_4_life Says:

    Rigz is about to go in…

  8. Johnathan Osterman Says:

    How you approach said subject matter > What your subject matter is

  9. Voltron Says:

    # herbal kint Says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:46 am

    isn’t playing try and keep up with the posts anymore





    and @Jon Os – YES

  10. We Are Lasers Says:

    mos has nothing in his catalog that’s fucking with jayz classics


    *unable to co-sign any part of this statement*

    mos feat. slick rick, “auditorium” > anything jigga released in the last couple yrs

    p.s. i fux with andrew barfer but this cracka need to stop posting yung turd, shit’s disgusting

  11. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    Mos is a dope MC but c’mon song for song mos isn’t fucking jayz.

  12. Belize Says:

    i think im tired of only playing track 3 on ecstatic

  13. Voltron Says:

    1 sec. Fuck what you lot are sayin.

    I respect ANYONE and have MUCH MORE time for an artist, new or old if his subject matter is up to scratch. I dont care if u got the best metaphors and the most descriptive songs about your rims or chain or how much coke Jaz-O allowed u to sell. Even if it was a shit rapper who was talking sense about the rape of Africa, I PERSONALLY would have more time for that than Reasonable Doubt. thats how I FEEL. NOT YOU, ME.

    So fuck off.

  14. Johnathan Osterman Says:

    and @Jon Os – YES


    Yo, If you think

    Black On Both Sides > Only Built For Cuban Linx

    Then I dont even know what to say to you. Seriously. It may be your opinion, but I dont have to respect it lol

  15. A tribe called quest aka The Latin Teddy Ruxpin Says:

    TIP >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your favorite producer

  16. A tribe called quest aka The Latin Teddy Ruxpin Says:

    LF: I’d do unspeakable things to that thick mami in that pusha pic

  17. rex hussla Says:

    Fuck the bullshit…

    Krondon – For A Fee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    This beat is ILLLLLLLL

  18. rex hussla Says:

    “What do we get for 10 dollars?” [ll]

  19. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    Niggas act like every mos record is classic. Mos def has some duds in his catalog.

  20. rex hussla Says:

    I’m an MOP stan, and contrary to what people think I fuck with Slaughterhouse…

    but that track is a little bit of a letdown.

  21. Voltron Says:

    I get overly defensive over Mos cos dude LITERALLY saved my life. I was a low-life, weed-smoking, ‘nigga, bitch, hoe’-saying, fuck my heritage yout who would have died for 50 Cent.

    Black On Both Sides changed my life. I got up on reading Cheikh Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams etc. stopped intoxicating myself and became a man because of ONE ALBUM.
    if u dont feel that:

    suck my dick from the back

    with a craaazy straw

    you lazy whore

    you lack shit to make a dick expand


  22. Micheal Tyson aka I Want Money Like Cosby Says:

    Voltron Says:

    June 19th, 2009 at 12:35 am
    *Chappelle White Man Laugh*


    *Larry David stare*


    J. Cole > Cudi (just about) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mickey Factz, Wale, CH and all them other shitty rappers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Drake.
    cocaine is hella drug x 100,000,000

    J.Cole is nothing special….he got bars but who doesnt im not talking bout mainstream bamma bullshit like OJ da juice man and Roger come on i seen this movie a hundred times

    list the supossed “future”
    Young Gunz
    Amil (future female)
    Most of the Aftermath roster whos name we dont know
    Jin/Poster Boy (from 106 and Park battles)

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