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Video: Young Jeezy – 24, 23 (Live)

Jeezy debuted his Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman diss at the Velvet Room in Atlanta on Sunday night.

Info spoke to Gucci earlier and asked him what he thought about the shots.

Info: Do you plan doing your own diss record?
Gucci: Nah, I don’t think so. I’ll just give him hell by goin’ hard, know what I’m saying?

^Yeah right, he’s full of shit.

Read more excerpts and hear the full audio here.

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nation’s edit: Is that Snoop Dogg partying with Young Jeezy? I quit…

Update: It is. He was there promoting his new song with Gucci Mane, who was also in attendance. What kinda awkward fuckshit is that? You can see Snoop hear Gucci’s name and realize what he just got himself into…

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21 Responses to “Video: Young Jeezy – 24, 23 (Live)”

  1. Troyvul Says:


    KobeLebron KobeLebron…This has been the track of the past 24hrs

  2. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:

    Gucci is shit. He’s worse than Soulja Boy.

    Yeah, I went there…

  3. baby jesus Says:

    i heard this nigga was already workin on the diss. smh

  4. KingPoetic Says:

    First verse of Get The Message >

  5. PW Says:

    I couldnt tell a Gucci Mane track different from Plies or OJ da Juiceman or Boosie or any of them niggaz.

    I really have a strong distaste for southern music now. I was feeling it while I was in ATL but since then it got annoying again.

  6. Mag Says:

    Gucci has had the streets on fire Jeezy is just mad at all his shine. He knows Gucci just got out the cell too.

    Ol’ I need a vacation ass nigga.

  7. and the winner is.. Says:

    good bye. . .

  8. Rockabye Says:

    Okay, back to the other email.

    Why the hell is this a beef? Bury the hatchet, tour together, and record ish.

  9. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:

    ATL music was good a few years back, now its infested with bamma niggas like Gucci whilst Luda runs off to do acting and TI gets himself locked up.

  10. The marv Says:

    WHat real southern hip hop should sound like —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3_s4-EM_6U

  11. demoz Says:

    “You can see Snoop hear Gucci’s name and realize what he just got himself into…”

    In this video? You don’t even get a good look of Snoop at all after he says it.. what are you talking about?

  12. Hypnotic Says:

    Who cares?
    make music get money…we gotta be the only people to come from broke….get rich…and then.. be ready to blast over a song..gotta love it

  13. LOCO 4 CAKE Says:


  14. Jeezy Performs “23, 24″ (Gucci Mane Diss) Live! | The Urban Daily Says:

    […] Jeezy brought that ether live and direct to Gucci Mane at the Velvet Room on Sunday night. As Nah Right pointed out, Snoop Dogg was in the house. He and Gucci were pushin’ their new joint the same […]

  15. jacqui Says:

    Gucci music is like a guilty pleasure. You know you shouldn’t be listening to it but some of the shit he says is so stupid it’s hot. I thought Hip Hop was suppose to be about fun music… when hip hop began, people weren’t really rapping about anything and it was hot..it’s the same thing. There are different callabers of artists, he don’t fit in with Jay-Z or Nas but, he’s got his own thing going on and people are feeling him.

  16. Visionary Says:

    Jeezy stop. The hood love Gucci. I’m glad i ripped all Jeezy’s albums off the ‘net. I’m going to the store and copping that Gucci and that OJ. Gucci smashed his boys on some real shit years ago. Fuck some rap beef. If jeezy was really doin all that, why ain’t he locked up with his boy Meech?

  17. Brooklyn Says:

    Jeezy aint fucken with gucci and i dont like either of them.

  18. CheezyDoDo Says:

    well i always wanted to see jeezy vs gucci go down a fill battle to the death

    i hope this happens before north korea blows us up

  19. L0kwense Says:

    This is just a promotional stunt for Jeezy. It’s good for Gucci too since any mention of him and OJ right now just makes their buzz even hotter. Jeezy has some funny punchlines, but neither one of them are super lyrical. Gucci reps the A harder. He reps the collective hood around the country harder. Jeezy’s last album was billed “The Recession” but there was no real social commentary there. At least you know what your gonna get with Gucci and OJ. Gucci been had the hood for months now. Jeezy feels like he needs to go at Gucci to get it back. I have more Gucci Man and OJ the Juiceman mixtapes than I have Jeezy albums. Frenchie and Wocka aka Flocka are way better than Slick Pulla and Blood Raw. I’m going with Gucci just because the hood supports him and his clique. Jeezy makes good albums, but it’s hard not to with the Def Jam promotion monster behind you.

  20. kevin clt Says:

    this beef will NEVER END for the simple fact jeezy’s homeboy got killed!kinda hard to forget that..

  21. devond Says:

    u a lame for commentary

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