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Video: Slaughterhouse – One (Video Shoot)

Spotted @ 2DBz

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6 Responses to “Video: Slaughterhouse – One (Video Shoot)”

  1. Belize Says:

    :::Watches Martin:::

    :::listens to “Ok..” of curtis’s new joint::

    Is that Shanaynay?

  2. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    U.K. newspaper The Guardian reports that the Brooklyn rapper/actor has become the first artist to endorse LNA Clothing company’s “Original Music Tee.” The shirt will feature an image of Mos’ latest album, The Ecstatic on the front, as well as a tracklisting in the back but more importantly, the tag will have a url to download an mp3 version of the album.

    The shirt will cost $39 as compared to the $8.99 price tag on Amazon.

    see niggas is getting innovative. I am not mad at this

    *doesnt buy shirt*

  3. Hoskins Says:

    Video looks like it has original content

  4. Tical36 Says:

    The track in the background is not a preview to the song. BTW

  5. C'mon Says:

    I’ll be surprised if they sell more than 50,000 copies of this album by the end of the year…even if it’s good!

  6. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Slaughterhouse - One (More Behind The Scenes) Says:

    […] previous behind the scenes had the video from the shoot, but different audio that threw me off… Sadly, my memory of the […]

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