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Video: Nipsey Hussle – Strapped

Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol. 3 dropping soon @ OnSMASH.

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4 Responses to “Video: Nipsey Hussle – Strapped”

  1. Rockabye Says:

    OK, on Twitter EVERYtime 2dopeboyz new post tweets go up, Nah Right’s go up straight after lol, is that planned?


    Twitterfeed checks only as frequently as 30 min., so, if they’re both running Twitterfeed, yeah, it is.

  2. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    YO ESKAY: this dudes reply to my inquiry about me returning fake ish
    Yeah these shoes are the Nike Air yeezys and they are real, they are awesome shoes, if you have any concerns with condition or anything at all with the shoe once you get them please let me know right away and we can do a refund once i get the shoes back, i would never not refund your money if your not happy with the item and i want to maintain positive feedback so theres no worries, ill do whatever to make the transaction a positive one, they should be getting to you soon i shipped them yesterday

  3. Micheal Tyson aka I Want Money Like Cosby Says:

    eskay Says:

    June 16th, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    >>Modern Marvels >>>>> Gangland

    ^you stay saying some dumb shit.

    Absurd statements >>>> factual statement

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Fux…dude is basically saying “just take the shoes, I already spent your money. Please don’t give me negative feedback my bootleg game is impeccable right now.”

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