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Gucci Mane feat. Snoop Dogg – Awesome (prod. Drumma Boy)


Gucci Mane feat. Snoop Dogg – Awesome (prod. Drumma Boy)

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10 Responses to “Gucci Mane feat. Snoop Dogg – Awesome (prod. Drumma Boy)”

  1. Joey Profit$ Says:

    Like totally dude – smh

  2. leekss Says:

    that bday bash in atl this weekend should be interesting

  3. Plug Says:

    Plug: Just lettin yall know its tupac’s birthday. Just wanted to give yall a heads up

    coworker: What do yo mean?

    Plug: I can show you better than I can tell you…

    coworker: huh

    Plug: *turns on radio*

    *turns the volume to maximum setting*

    *Hailmary plays thruout the office*

    coworker: Oh Lawd

    Plug: You might might want to help me get the earphone/ipod ban lifted in the office because its gonna be a looooong day

  4. Joey Profit$ Says:

    lol @ plug

  5. Plug Says:

    LF: cats have really been mad at me since I’ve hopped on the Souljaboy bandwagon. My thing is dude makes good music. the world just cant deny that. withthat being said

    Souljaboy> Guccimane

    …and I focks wit him and OJ

  6. HOLLA MANN Says:

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  7. awful truth Says:

    lol this is crazy i was watchen ustream yesturday when they was recorden this……

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  10. Krdo Says:

    If u listen closely to Gucci’s 2nd Verse he responds and disses Jeezy. Gucci Mane make sum vicious music but he ain’t real. He will never reach Jeezy level. Dat Writing on the Wall Mixtape is likes dat though.

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