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Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) feat. Lupe Fiasco – Poppin’ Off


Off of Wildstyle’s Natural Disaster mixtape. He also produced the cut.

Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) feat. Lupe Fiasco – Poppin’ Off

Look out for his That Was Then, This Is Now album. Props to FSD.

Previously: Lupe Fiasco – Fire (prod. DJ Marbil) [No DJ]

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11 Responses to “Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) feat. Lupe Fiasco – Poppin’ Off”

  1. PW Says:

    Lupe Fiasco = Best rapper alive
    I reiterate.

  2. sleep Says:

    Did jay-z and nas die today?

  3. D_Block_4_life AKA heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:

    I heard “Every Girl” twice on a drive north from MIA and”Best I Ever Had” in Central Florida, both within 15 minutes of turning on the radio. Dude is doing big things
    This is actually the fourth song because the other 3 are off So Far Gone, Every Girl is a Youngmoney song. Damn, that’s crazy.

    He’s on 4 joints on the radio. Wow.

    Either they put out the young money LP in a month or so and he’s heavily featured or they gear up to release his LP.

  4. herbal kint Says:

    sleep Says:
    June 15th, 2009 at 12:22 am
    Damm I didn’t see the incident I just heard about it. Did k_rod go out to meet bruney with like 5 other teamates like jim jones, was bruney standing by himself. We’re they even face to face or was it a shouting match from 50 yards away.

    …. I didn’t see exactly how it started, they reported k-rod starting yelling at him across the field and bruney was just trying to talk to him, k-rod definitely got right in his face yelling and bruney just sat there with his head down, Veras stepped in and started peacefully pushing k-rod away and then pelfrey and a couple other mets helped veras move him away, watch sportscenter or baseball tonight they will show it, I just found this youtube clip but it started a little late and has a beligerant yankee fan yelling …


  5. herbal kint Says:

    lmao @ that yankee fan yelling you suck and you have no class, o the irony

  6. Umi Says:

    *Turns up “Hay” for old time’s sake*

  7. sleep Says:

    Oh shit I forgot the Charlotte hornet traded kobe for vladie divac. Damm that is the worst trade in the history of sports.

  8. Umi Says:

    vladie divac = the flopper extradionaire

  9. JUlett Says:

    No…STOP IT! Lupe’s cool

  10. Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) “Poppin’ Off” ft. Lupe Fiasco « NOTHING LESS Says:

    […] Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) “Poppin’ Off” ft. Lupe Fiasco 2009 June 14 tags: Crucial Conflict, Hip Hop, Lupe Fiasco, MUSIC, WIldstyle by almightay Off of Wildstyle’s Natural Disaster mixtape, which he also produced. Check out the download below. Download HERE Source Nah Right […]

  11. L-L Says:

    lupe = GOAT

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