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Video: Mos Def’s Controversial Interview w/ Angie

This is when he got the chance to expand his thoughts on wanting to battle Jay-Z, Kanye and maybe three other of Jay’s besties.

The Ecstatic available for download on: Amazon | iTunes

In case you missed it: Mos Def vs. The World

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35 Responses to “Video: Mos Def’s Controversial Interview w/ Angie”


    Mighty Mos!

  2. Shawty S.O. Says:

    what Mos proposed will make MCs piss in their pants

    Talent > wtv those so called MCs boastin about themselves

  3. Tha Den Says:

    *clap* *clap* Mos Def! Mos Def!

  4. jjustin Says:

    Mos def is wack……….. I appericate what he is trying do………. but he ain’t fucking with jigga pimp

  5. Doc Says:

    jjustin you’re a clown. This will definitely have rappers pissing their pants and MCs squandering their ability on crack rappers. The proposed battle will be lyricists versus people who are creative in the sense that they have mastered the ability to use the english language to disguise tales of drug dealing and womanizing. Most MAJOR artists are those that sell because of an image or gimmick so until I’m proven wrong, and the only way to prove me wrong is for this to really go down, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say any team consisiting of Wayne and Jay cannot step to Mos, Doom, Black Thought and the like. There’s rap and there’s hip hop, “know the ledge”

  6. SleptOnTony Says:

    This would be so dope if it actually went down but it won’t lol… I can’t see Jay-Z doing this…

  7. Truthh Says:

    tony, thats because jay would have nothing to gain from doing this.

    he’s already consider the king of hip-hop, so why even risk the possibility of losing the crown?

  8. Jmaze Says:

    dudes are too caught up in there own hype.Mos means well,but rap skill ain’t as important as it used to be

  9. Beewirks Says:

    and if we’re talkin battle, Mos, Jay Elect, Nas and Doom all have shit that can get cracked on…theres too much out there for niggas not to start throwing shit at them in the battle…Hov basically has kept his business under wraps and the most u can say about him is he “lost” the battle wit nas, wut else?

  10. silas aka simon Says:

    mos and jay on some different pif.

    but dont forget how long mos been doing this and if mos had got some of those beats jay did… he still wouldnt have picked em if he did dude never could pick a beat when hes on solo status

    09 mos > 09 jay

    that doa ish was garbage excluding the 3rd verse

  11. Trey Says:

    Mos Def has a nice proposal, but JAY-Z is THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE in my eyes because Jay is still making music and still relevant to the game…as far as Slick Rick and Rakim…”POINT TAKEN”

  12. OGPLAY Says:

    Mos will get is ass kicked if he tries this shit.. Ima mos def fan.. but c’mon man… really… Jay, Wayne, and Ye are probably laughing at this clown ass shit.. Mos all of a sudden just wants to have “overground” success… he wants that milli in one week sale type shit.. and he thinks this is going to do it… smh… nahh… sorry old head

  13. moresickaMC Says:

    damn NahRight is mad late on this

    Im with Mos!!

  14. ans Says:

    The Mighty Mos Def in the building! Someone needs to get at Jay and ask him about the proposal.

  15. mosdeffan Says:


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  17. The DMV Blog Bully Says:

    I love how none of the infamous Nahright commentators pointed out how Mos Def was spelled “Mos Deff” in the beginning of the video.

  18. elgindotcom Says:

    Is it safe to say when it comes to the Nas vs Jay-Z dispute, he’s on the side that claims Nas won. Which he clearly did of course..

    sidebar.. The more I listen to “success” the more clear it is that he “murdered jay on his own shit” lol.

  19. elgindotcom Says:

    sidebar 2.. someone donate charity to pay for the surgery for angie martinez.. she needs to have her mouth surgically removed from jay-z’s penis. she was so tight with the shoutout to dame dash.

  20. JohnnyK Says:

    This is interesting because Jay has put himself in this position. It seems like for the past year or two, Jay’s been trying real hard to become part of the Kanye/TI/Wayne/Jeezy circle of superpowers in hip hop who are making radio hits and seen as “hot”. It was confusing to me as a Jay-Z fan because I consider Jay 100x better than those dudes and he doesn’t need to try so hard.

    So what’s crazy about the whole thing is that, by all accounts, Jay-Z should be included on Mos’s “team” with Nas. Jay, in my opinion, is a better rapper than Mos, who IS good, and deserves to be with “Team Hip Hop” as opposed to “Team Radio”. But Jay’s the one who put himself in this position.

    And come on, even if you are going to have Mos’s team vs. Jay’s team, you can’t give Jay a bunch of bums like Kanye, Wayne, and Jeezy. Jeezy is not lyrical, self-admittedly, Kanye is incredibly overrated (he’s a good producer but as an MC he’s way below standard), and Wayne hasn’t had a good rap since Dedication 1. This whole thing is garbage.

  21. JUlett Says:

    Mos Def is tough…I wonder is him and Talib coming out with another Blackstar album?

  22. herbal kint Says:

    no shots @ mos cause I have no problem with what he is saying and think he has some valid points but how is this any different than what budden said about meth, or how is jay running with the title best rapper alive ( even though he probably should have the title even if he is rocking the wizards uniform right now ) any different than what budden said

  23. B Says:

    @herbal kint – U’r 100% correct, no different than what Joey said… I dnt get why Meth and co go so offended and if Jay wants to claim best rapper alive and be the champ then he must defend the crown.

    Jay will never do such thing because he has all to lose and nothing to gain, but Mos is right, pick up the mic and stand tall against all comers or STFU, simple.

  24. th!z Says:

    ive been saying that i wanted to see this for the past 2 years, just rappers doing what they do, no bs. the closest thing we have to this is the BET Awards cyphers, which is very sad.

    Battle of New Orleans > Summerjam/RTB/anything else you could come upw ith

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  26. Beewirks Says:

    how is Jay trying to be in the T.I/Kanye/Wayne circle???…He birthed them niggas!…are u kidding me…some of u say the dumbest things sometimes

  27. Beewirks Says:

    Notice Mos said hes not trying to go diss about people and his girl…this nigga’s business would get killed in a battle, he’s suspect, now he wanna talk about just rapping…nigga if we battlin we battlin

  28. J. Caesar Says:

    nas>>>jay and i love dudes music…but his dirty politics have dissapointed me oh well ppl will do that for $$$$$$$$$$$/save face

  29. nunya bizness Says:

    Battle of the Royale … Team Mos Def!

    Mos proposed this on Tuesday and nothing from the Carter camp. *crickets*

  30. shaffer Says:

    never would Morgan State get the nod for a battle for the best type gig… never

    FAMU… BCU… Southern… Norfolk State… NCCU…

  31. tRuMeX Says:

    Why is Mos even trying this? doesnt he have some bullshit political raps to be writing sure doom and nas can wreck but jay would have dudes for lunch(no homo) plus who has challenged jay at saying hes the best rapper alive? not like Mos couldnt battle dude himself Jay>Mos…

  32. Kaz Says:

    You all need to realize something from what he was saying: Mos wasn’t TRYING to do this. It was in reference to something he said in confidence among his people that got leaked and rather than bitching out, he’s putting it on the fence like “Look, we can clown these dudes lyrically so if it comes to it this is how it should be done.” He manned up and defended his statement, that’s all. This is the furthest thing from a publicity stunt tryin’ to move units fools.

    On that note, I think there are better arrangements for the teams myself anyways… This will never happen but man would it be awesome.

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  34. Zee! Says:

    Wishful thinking…….

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