Video: Beastie Boys Bring Nas Out At Bonnaroo

The trio brought out Nasir to perform a new song, possibly entitled “Let It Out,” at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. Hit the jump to catch more of that performance. All in all, they performed for just under an hour and half and you can catch a minute of Mixmaster Mike’s DJ set below as well.

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Video spotted at The FADER.

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11 Responses to “Video: Beastie Boys Bring Nas Out At Bonnaroo”

  1. Umi Says:

    JONES! (No Jimita)

  2. Umi Says:

    shit like this gets me out of lurk mode… Umi you’re the got damn devil for putting the visual in my imagination factory!!!

    ^ Lol my bad homie hahaha I just can’t get over that pic with her and Jamie, I’m not trying to envy the cat but damn if he ain’t one lucky mothafudga!



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    […] Also, don’t miss Nas coming out for the Beastie Boys set to perform a new song. […]

  5. myl0s Says:


  6. Yayza Says:

    Wait, are you telling me there is a new Beastie Boys song featuring Nas? I think I just came.

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    […] The Beastie Boys Bring Nas Out At Bonnaroo Festival. They performed a new song, possibly entitled “Let It Out,”. We’re still not sure where this track will end up, but we’re at least excited about a Nas/Beasties collaboration since they have a good track record with Queens emcees; see Q-Tip on “Get It Together”. […]

  8. Andoi Says:


    So ture lol.

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    […] Nah Right has some shaky camera-phone footage of Nas’ big cameo, though the quality of the footage doesn’t really make it clear what, exactly, the song sounds like. […]

  10. Interlude Jones Says:


    I agree indeed.

    I had to fight the overwhelming feeling to resort to violent tactics to make people move.


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    […] Previously: Beastie Boys Bring Nas Out At Bonnaroo (Video) […]

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