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Video: Gavin Sheppard Speaks on The Remix Project

hustleGRL was telling me about this earlier today:

The Remix Project is a youth program which facilitates the growth of Toronto’s new generation. Kids who qualify for the program pick a stream to focus on whether it be music, design, business, promotions, engineering etc…they make a goal to achieve and with the help and guidance of industry mentors as well as The Remix Project staff they work towards achieving those goals.

This initiative is currently playing a HUGE role in developing Toronto’s urban music scene as local talents like hustleGRL (design and overall web guru), Rich Kidd (producer) and Drake (his first second mixtape was recorded there) are only some of the few who can claim that The Remix Project has already opened a lot of doors for their careers.

The reason for this e-mail is that a large portion of the program’s government funding is being cut at the end of the summer so we’re all trying to pitch in and bring awarness to their fundraising event and website. The event is tonight here in Toronto but people can donate anytime at www.theremixproject.ca/give.

[No, I’m not from Toronto and nah, I don’t have a stake in this project.]

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13 Responses to “Video: Gavin Sheppard Speaks on The Remix Project”

  1. Kush Says:


    the dudes at OTA live make some nice audio bios (their unauthorized bio series). (below)


  2. Komrade Says:

    This article only got attention cause ‘Drake’ is mentioned in it.

    Drake is a great thing for Canadian Hip Hop, lets hope it continues to open doors to the north!

  3. Mindbender Says:

    I wanted to be at this event, but I was at Ryerson University for the speaking engagement that KRS-One was attending with the Stop The Violence Movement. Toronto is finally being discovered for the hidden history it has represented for over two decades in this culture.

    Why is Toronto important?

    KRS-One said today: “Toronto holds a special place in my heart because it was the VERY FIRST international spot I performed at, outside of New York City. For me to come to Toronto and perform gave me my first amount of credibility, and Ron Nelson was the first promoter outside of New York to give me a chance. Toronto will always mean something special to KRS-One. Michie Mee also told me that it was okay to do the reggae-hip hop stuff here, so it meant a lot to me.”

    He just said this tonight. I have it on camera. He’s performing tomorrow, but he’s been here all week speaking across the city for Stop the Violence, connected to lots of our community workers. KRS One, and the hip hop community, had a speaking INSIDE CITY HALL on Tuesday, where history was made. Soon, y’all will see what’s going down up here…

    Nahright, I have a lot of footage I’m in the midst of digitizing. When it’s up, just know that people are going to see a lot of concert footage from Toronto…

    it’s about time the sleeping stop.
    one love to all

  4. Mindbender Says:

    p.s. nation, I’m working with HustleGRL on Toronto’s upcoming new blog: http://www.cityonmyback.com so expect to see us working together when it launches on July 1st :)

    and yes, Gavin Sheppard is the homie. The dude is all heart.

    Peace to the Remix Project, peace to Drake smashing the rap game in half, and peace to the next amazing producer to fuck shit up: RICH KIDD.

    remember these names, people.

  5. Joe Canadian Says:

    Nation, why you frontin? and whatever happened to Project Bounce my man?

  6. wristpect Says:

    haaaaaa. project bounce!! d-d-d-d-dj ritz.

  7. Sound Vertie Says:

    Big fuckin shout out to Gavin & the T.Dot underground community.

  8. J.Soul Says:

    This is sad to hear that the gov’t is cutting funding for these guys. IC Visions was the first place I visited when I moved to TO in 2005.

    I worked at the Remix Project briefly in 2008, and the experience was fantastic. The kids involved with it love it, and they love learning everything they can from the people who were always through there. Gavin has an amazing heart for the young folks of Toronto and is constantly backing them through thick and thin.

    Gavin Sheppard aka No Aka’s, I’m gonna get at you to see what I can do to help because I believe The Remix Project is a very important part of Toronto’s urban community.

  9. hustleGRL Says:

    Thank you Nation.

  10. Cass Says:


    big shouts to Kehinde, Gavin, Drexx, T-Rex, Amanda, Bryan (Be.) and all the other staff that brought this from an idea into a huge loft space that they transformed into a professional working environment for so many of torontos talented young artists and grinders.

  11. Joe Canadian Says:

    Nation- where you be at? we missin’ you on the Radio-

  12. MarkCa Productions Says:

    MICHAEL JACKSON ¨K.L.I.K¨ Party August 29th,2009 part of proceeds goes to THE REMIX PROJECT
    Club AURUM [formerly REPUBLIK ] ON SAT|AUG|29 with Live Performance HOOD K.L.I.K
    261 Richmond Street W. Toronto


  13. 416TRINITY Says:

    re: TONIGHT (9:25PM) Kingdom of Legends, Icons & Kings (K.L.i.K.) PARTY @ [Club Aurum -261 richmond st. w. formerly known as Republik nightclub]

    Event Details:

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